Become A Cat

Ichigo gets the courage to invite Aoyama to an endangered species animal show (red data animals). While the two are there, Akasaka sees that Ichigo is perfect for their mew project. When Aoyama is getting juice, the Earth begins to shake, and Ichigo is fused with the genes of a Iriomote mountain cat. Everyone believes it is an earthquake that occurred. Ichigo fell asleep for 3 hours after that.

Next day Ichigo is too embarrassed to face Aoyama. She begins to notice strange things happening to her. She falls from the second floor and lands on her feet. She grabs a fish in her mouth, and she's very sleepy. Once school is over Ichigo is walking home wondering what is happening to her. She sees Aoyama walking through the park. Suddenly, an alien creates a huge Chimera animal from a rat. It strikes Aoyama and sends him flying . Ryou grabs Ichigo before she is attacked as well. He tells her to use her powers.

Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphosis!

Ichigo transforms into a bright pink cat-girl and defeats the Chimera Rat. Ryou is beaming....Mew Project has it's first successful defeat. Ichigo is very confused and wants an explanation, but Ryou just says, "Don't cry....you are the chosen one." Then Akasaka shows up. While Ryou can be abrupt and rude, Akasaka is suave and polite. He kisses Ichigo's hand and promises to explain everything, as well as see to it that the unconscious Aoyama gets home safely.

Ichigo's head swims with questions: Who are these guys? You want me to do what? I'm a super hero?

A New Friend

Ryou and Keiichiro take Ichigo to their Cafe Mew Mew which is also their secret hideout. They have her change into a beautiful waitress uniform and then brief her on the alien's devilish plan. Ryou tells Ichigo how they are experimenting with the DNA of Red Data Animals (close to extinction), because they have a strong power to protect their species. Ichigo had DNA compatible with an Iriomote cat. To keep Ichigo calm, Keiichiro tells her she is the top lady and could possibly become a pop idol. Then Ryou informs her that there are four others.....just look for an unusual birthmark somewhere on their body. Also, once the mission is complete, the birthmark and her powers will gradually disappear. Finally, Keiichiro gives Ichigo a cute pink fluff ball called R2000, which is a sealing tool and alien sensor.

On her way home, Ichigo has an encounter with a very rich girl and her dog, Miki. She gives Ichigo a silk handkerchief to wipe off doggie drool and then speeds off in her white limousine. Ichigo becomes irritated with the girls snobbishness.

At school the next morning, Ichigo asks her friends if they suddenly have a birthmark....nope. When Masaya approaches, Ichigo notices he has a bruise on his neck, but he tells her it's from Kendo practice. Suddenly, she drops her bag and all her belongings fall out. Masaya helps her pick them up and in the process touches her hand. They both blush. However, when Masaya's back is turned, Ichigo notices that her ears and tail are showing. She tries to stay calm so they disappear and quickly bids goodbye to Masaya.

Later that day at the Cafe, Ichigo is upset and argues with Ryou. To cheer her up, Keiichiro gives her some delicious pastries. When she walks out into the dining area, it is crowded with customers. Oh NO!

After work Ichigo sits outside an auditorium where the young snobbish girl has just performed in a ballet recital. It is here where Ichigo names R2000, Masha. Masha begins to warn of a Chimera animal just as the rich girl is leaving in her limo. Ichigo follows them to a huge mansion and uses the excuse of returning the handkerchief. The girl introduces herself as Mint Aizawa. When Ichigo begins to case out the home, Mint becomes angry and asks her to leave.

As Ichigo is walking away from the mansion, she hears Mint screaming. Miki has transformed into a huge chimera animal!

Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphosis!

Ichigo has transformed. Chimera Miki is tossing the girls around brutally yet Mint doesn't want her precious dog to be hurt. At one point Mint's dress is ripped. Ichigo notices a birthmark in the form of wings on Mint's back. Masha spits out a jeweled golden oval, and Ichigo convinces Mint to transform.

Mew Mew Mint, Metamor-Phosis!!

With the power of Ichigo's Ribbon Strawberry Check and Mint's Ribbon Mint Echo, the two girls are able to defeat the chimera animal so that Miki can return to the sweet pet he was.

The next morning Mint joins the crew of the Cafe Mew Mew in her lovely blue waitress uniform. She thanks Ichigo for saving Miki, but that doesn't mean she wants to associate with someone like Ichigo. Ichigo moans, "Can't we all just get along?!?"

A School Mystery

A alien voice instructs Kish to collect data on those who have been foiling the chimera animal attacks.

Meanwhile, poor Ichigo is very late for school. In her haste, she runs right into a young timid girl with long braids. They apologize to one another and go their separate ways. Ichigo was exhausted during school. She feels used by Ryou and the others. She heads to the Cafe Mew Mew determined to tell the others how she feels, but instead she continues to work her hardest. At one of the tables Ichigo sees the girl she ran into that morning sitting with some other students. They are discussing the rumors of a ghost. The girls are pushy and demanding...ordering the timid girl to check out the rumors. Ichigo notices this and pretends to accidentally spill parfaits on them. Sauvé Keiichiro smoothes everything over. Ichigo asks the girl, who introduced herself as Lettuce, why she allows them to treat her like that. Sadly, Lettuce's desire for friends makes her endure poor treatment.

After the girls leave, Mint insists they check out the ghost story for it could be a chimera animal. Unfortunately, Ichigo is extremely afraid of ghosts. Mint practically drags Ichigo to Okumura Junior High School to investigate. Suddenly the water faucets appear to flow by themselves!

Mew Mew Mint! Metamorphosis!! Mew Mew Strawberry! Metamorphosis!!

The girls transform, however, they are being watched. Mint uses her "Ribbon Mint Echo" to rid them of the raging water, but Ichigo notices something isn't right. All of a sudden a glowing figure appears. It is Lettuce. She has a birthmark above her chest and is dressed as a Mew. She calls for her Lettuce Tanets (Castanets). What's wrong? Lettuce attacked Mint with her "Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" Then she begins attacking Mew Ichigo. Ichigo dodges her attacks and prepares to retaliate until noticing that Lettuce is crying. Mint and Ichigo convince Lettuce not to be afraid, and they will be her friends.

The next day Lettuce happily joins Cafe Mew Mew in a pretty green waitress uniform. A little later as Ichigo is returning home, Masha begins to cry out "alien!" Ichigo doesn't quite believe him until an odd looking boy with huge ears swoops down and steals a kiss from her. He says his name is Kish and thanks her for the kiss before disappearing into the sky. Ichigo stands there stunned, blushing, and speechless.