A Tearful Date

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Stormy Rhythmic Gymnastics

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The Piano of the Heart

The mysterious Deep Blue speaks with Kish....ordering him to dispose of Ichigo and the others. Kish says he has a plan. Inside the jellyfish looking objects is the condensed DNA of the animals of this planet. If we combine this with the source of life-spirit that we take out of the humans, it will be possible to create a more powerful chimera animal. Kish is ordered to put his plan into action.

Meanwhile, Ichigo has to work on a Sunday, and she's not very happy about that. Ryou nonchalantly says she doesn't have to, but then she'd lose her perk of endless cakes. While sweeping the entrance walk to Cafe Mew Mew, Ichigo and Lettuce are approached by a pretty woman speaking English. The woman says her name is Mary Maguire and looking for Ryou Shirogane, but the girls can't understand what she is saying (I'm really wondering how they're going to pull this one off in the dub version???) Just as Ichigo is lost in confusion, Masaya walks up, and he understands some English. As he is explaining what the woman needs, out walks Ryou and Keiichiro. They introduce themselves and take Mary inside. Masaya has a club meeting and had to leave so the girls returned to their sweeping.

Once the outside work was done, the girls enter the Cafe to the beautiful sound of piano music. Turns out that Ryou had asked Mary to come and play at a party he was planning. This party is in honor of Ichigo and the other girls...for all their help.

It's party time, and what a lavish event it is. Ryou has spared no expense. Mint, of course, blends right in, but Ichigo and Lettuce are feeling a bit out of place. Ryou and Keiichiro (looking really handsome) ask the two girls to dance. After the song, Mary leaves to take a short break. This gives Ichigo a chance to get some fresh air out on the balcony. Ryou comes out bringing her some juice and acting gentle and kind. After he goes back to the party, Ichigo notices Mary walking outside. Just as she is about to wave to the woman, Kish decides to liven the party. He pulls out Mary's life spirit and combines it with his jellyfish-like object.


Kish has created a musical chimera beast (see images). Masha runs to get Lettuce and Mint.

Mew Mew Strawberry! Metamorphosis!!

All of the girls transform, but this chimera animal is tough. Mint uses her "Ribbon...Mint ECHO" and Lettuce uses her "Ribbon....Lettuce RUSH", but the creature simply dodges the attacks. Ryou tells Keiichiro to use the intercom and play Mary's music as loud as they can. The beauty of Mary's pure music causes the chimera animal to become unstable...that's when Ryou tells Ichigo to go for it. Mew Ichigo uses her Ribbon....Strawberry check and destroys the chimera menace. Mary's life spirit is returned to her, and Kish disappears saying he'll come and play another day.

After all the commotion, Mary thanks Ichigo for saving her life, while Ichigo silently thanks Ryou for everything.