Enter Pudding!

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The Mysterious Mountain's Miracle of Love

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Dearly Beloved Brother

Ichigo has a date to visit the library with Masaya tomorrow, but she doesn't know what to wear. Mint agrees to let her borrow a dress, so off they go to Mint's huge mansion. While there, Mint introduces her brother (Seiji) to her friends, but he rudely claims he is busy. (Poor guy. Flashbacks are shown where you can see how he was pressured to excel...leaving little time for fun.)

Ichigo is amazed at all of the dresses in Mint's closet. As she is sifting through the beautiful garments, Ichigo notices a picture of a young Mint and her bother. Obviously, this was a photo that was treasured.

After finding a dress, the girls are invited to have dinner. Over their meal, everyone learns that Mint is to be in a ballet recital the next day. When asked if her brother will be there, Mint reacts defensively pretending that she doesn't want him to come.

The next day, would you believe Ichigo cancelled her date with Masaya so she can convince Mint's busy brother to see the recital? Yep, she did. After some hilarious chase scenes, they did get Seiji to come to the recital. Mint, however, wasn't very receptive to his appearance and told him that he should leave. Suddenly, Kish shows up sucking the life spirit out of one of the dancers and creating a bird-type chimera animal. Seiji tries to protect his little sister, but is knocked unconscious. All the girls transform. Mint notices the flaw in this birdy-ballerina making it easy for her and the other Mews to wipe the floor with it. Kish bids farewell vowing to return with an even stronger chimera animal next time.

To make a long story short, Mint and her brother have a tender moment after all the excitement is over. Both realize that even though they may have busy schedules, their love as siblings will never waver.