Intersecting Hearts

"Ichigo?" she hears. Mew Ichigo turns to see Masaya staring at her. Desperate, she claims she is a Mew Mew and leaves quickly. Tears fill her eyes as she wonders how he knew it was her.

Ichigo had a very restless night. The next morning she is listless and sleepy. This really concerns her parents at breakfast, but she still makes it to school. Once there, Ichigo finds herself avoiding Masaya instead of telling him the truth. When school ends, Ichigo sees Masaya leaving with his friends and sighs....sadly, she found it too difficult to talk to him. After Ichigo is out of site, Kish shows up. He stares at Masaya wondering how Ichigo could love such a feeble creature....then he comes up with a devious plan.

At the Mew Cafe, Ichigo seems to have a gloomy aura surrounding her. Pudding and Mint do everything they can to cheer her up and soon Lettuce and Zakuro want to help as well. Ichigo says she is just tired.

Meanwhile, at school and in front of dozens of adoring fans, Aoyama-kun (Masaya) has won his Kendo match. A little while later his couch asks him what is wrong. It seems he didn't fight as aggressively as he usually does. Masaya just hangs his head. The couch pats him on the back and says, "That's alright....I believe in you." Anxious to know why Ichigo is avoiding him, Masaya stops at Cafe Mew Mew on his way home. Sadly, Pudding really blows it for Ichigo by blurting out, "She said to tell him she's not here!" Poor Masaya leaves disappointed but courteous.

Evening falls and Kish angrily surveys the filthy humans who are polluting the Earth. He can't understand what Ichigo sees in that weak boy. Kish goes to a dump in order to conjure up his next chimera. He says, With the lowest creature in this world, I will tear apart the person you love!

The next day, Aoyama-kun has his Kendo tournament. Ichigo shows up but still can't face him. Masaya sees her leaving and gives chase. He catches up to her outside one of their classrooms. Knowing he's about to ask her a question she cannot answer, she utters, "please win your final round," and turns to walk away. Kish is nearby grinning at their confrontation. "It's showtime..." he smirks and unleashes dozens of green, slimy, jelly-fish type creatures on Masaya. Ichigo turns to see her love in trouble and runs to his aide, but he is in the clutches of many strong creatures that are morphing into one. He screams at her to run away. She is torn on what to do. If she transforms, he will know that she is a Mew Mew for sure. Suddenly one of the creatures knocks her roughly to the ground out of Masaya's view. She realizes that she can never leave Aoyama-kun and declares: "I don't care if he knows, I will protect him!"

Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphosis!

After her transformation, Mew Mew Ichigo enters the class to find Masaya unconscious and engulfed within the green chimera. Kish taunts her saying he will tear the boy limb from limb. The pink haired hero uses her Ribbon Strawberry Check to release the boy. Unfortunately, before Ichigo can help him the chimera begins to swallow her up. Seems Kish used cell division in the creation of this chimera.....meaning it can multiply itself even after being cut up. As the green goo begins to swallow them both up, Kish grabs Ichigo and tells her that only if she will be HIS will he stop this deadly creature. She pushes him aside and reaches inside for her true love. When she grabs Masaya's hand a warm glow emanates. The power of love has strengthened her Ribbon Strawberry....CHECK! The chimera is destroyed and Kish's devious plan is thwarted once again. The boy alien leaves but not before telling Ichigo that she will be his one day.

After Kish's exit, Masaya picks himself up. He tells the pretty Mew Mew that he is sorry for he thought she looked like someone else. "What are you?" he asks? Ichigo is immensely relieved and declares,"I'm a Mew Mew. The protector of justice that wanders by ~Nyaa!" She exits the class quickly so when Masaya comes out, he sees only Ichigo.

Later that day, Ichigo congratulates her handsome boyfriend on his win. He thanks her and looks into her eyes seriously. He gently places a bell choker around her neck saying she needs to wear this so she won't run away anymore. They walk home arm and arm with Ichigo happily stating that "I'll always wear his present, forever!"

Akasaka's Secret

Kish is enraged when Taruto and Pai appear. They believe Kish has been losing too often to the humans, and it's their turn to fight.

It's a beautiful day. Ichigo was hoping to meet up with Aoyama in the park, but he isn't there. A colorful butterfly lands on her. Suddenly, a net covers the young girl's head, and a pretty woman tells her not to move.

Back at the Cafe, Keiichiro is sketching a design for a beautiful birthday cake. Lettuce notices he is not easily distracted, while Ryou sadly looks at a calendar. The date of July 6th is circled in red.

Returning to Ichigo, the woman apologizes, introduces herself as Rei Nishina, and explains her study of butterflies. After Ichigo and Rei say their goodbyes, we see Taruto and Pai lurking in the bushes nearby. Their aim is to use Rei's spirit.....Uh Oh!

After working at the Cafe, Ichigo again returns to the park. Darn...she missed Aoyama again. Another butterfly lands on her. Rei comes out of the bushes and lunges for it sending both girls into the nearby river. The two giggle their hello's and end up at Rei's home to dry off. Before Ichigo leaves, she notices Rei has the date of July 6th circled on her calendar. Ichigo mentions that the chief chef (Keiichiro) at Mew Mew Cafe has that same date circled. Rei secretly realizes who that is and has a flashback of a once bittersweet relationship.

Later that day, Ichigo is left to finish the scrubbing at the cafe. She notices that Keiichiro is there working diligently on the birthday cake. A light bulb goes off in her head when she sees a butterfly is perched on the very top of the cake. Ryou notices Ichigo eavesdropping and spills the story of Keiichiro's past relationship. After hearing this, Ichigo barges into the kitchen telling Keiichiro of her meeting with Rei and convincing him to go see her. Funny....the other Mew Mew's just happen to show up at that time as well!

It's evening, and Rei is thinking of the past over a cup of coffee. Suddenly, the two ominous aliens (Pie and Tart) come crashing through her door. They destroy many of her specimens. Rei begs them to stop, but Pie finds one that he believes is perfect. "FUSION," he says.

Outside the building, the others approach to witness an explosion. Appearing before them is a beautiful human butterfly. Keiichiro notices that an unconscious Rei is trapped in a cocoon right behind it. The girls transform but have difficulty due to the chimera's poisonous dust. Keiichiro runs to help Rei...dropping the cake he had brought for her. Pie and Tart are not going to let him and shoot lightning bolts at the worried man. Just as they are about to send a deadly attack, the dark haired chef jumps into the cocoon. Somehow his feelings have deflected their attack and weakened the chimera. Ryou orders Ichigo to finish the job.

Ribbon Strawberry....CHECK! That chimera is toast and Rei's heart is returned.

A short time later Rei wakes up in the arms of Keiichiro. Much to the Mew Mew's dismay, the two, once lovebirds, are finally able to say goodbye to one another. They know that at this point in their lives work must come first. Ryou reassures the girls that the power of love should not be underestimated for one day, Rei and Keiichiro may become a couple forever.

A Little Hero Masha

Not Completed, yet