Lettuce's Love

School is over for the day, and Lettuce quickly gathers her books (almost forgetting one). She hurries over to the library where she hopes to see a special boy. Her interest started when she watched him help a woman in a wheelchair cross a busy intersection. After that, she saw him day after day at the library reading in the same spot. One day he helped her get a book she couldn't reach, and after a brief conversation, he introduced himself as Edomurasaki Norihiro.

Later that day, at the Cafe, Ichigo notices how happy Lettuce is and asks if she has a new boyfriend. The timid Lettuce admits she's interested in someone, buy denies he is her boyfriend. Ichigo can't keep a secret and announces it to the other girls. Poor Lettuce is then put through intensive interrogation by the other girls.....how embarrassing. One thing they were able to get out of her is that she likes him allot.

Aboard the alien spaceship, Pai is gathering information on humans. He finds that man's abilities varies radically from individual to individual. Tart, however, feels they are all worthless.

Once again at the library, Lettuce is checking out a book when the librarian seems to recognize her name. A few minutes later, Lettuce is sitting with Norihiro, and he presents her with a book. He had remembered she likes scenic images and purchased it for her. Then he commented on how he wished he had her smile and enthusiasm. She explained how she wasn't always like that and it's her friends that have encouraged her.

When the girls at Cafe Mew Mew see that Lettuce has gotten a present, they insist that she declare her love for him. Lettuce blushes a bright red. A short while afterwards, Ichigo and Mint are walking home. Ichigo imagines herself and Masaya at one of the tropical islands in Lettuce' picture book, while Mint happily thinks of herself with Zakuro (It's funny, but can you say edit?). While at the same time in another part of town Lettuce is confronted by her mean so-called friends. They want her to join them, because they have no money. Lettuce stands tall, tells them she is busy, and races off. Once at home she makes the decision to tell Norihiro how she feels.

The next day Lettuce makes a special lunch for Norihiro and heads to the library. (Pretty background music is playing.) Sadly, Lettuce waits hours for him to show up. Just as she is leaving, he enters the library. He asks why she is so upset, but she never gets her chance to respond as dozens of chimera animals come crashing through the windows. Pai enters behind them wanting to gather information from this human database (library). Nirohiro leads Lettuce to a window to make their escape, but suddenly hears a woman scream. He tells Lettuce that she has given him confidence and runs back to save the librarian named Satsuki. Lettuce sees him helping her and realizes where his feelings lie. Just as he helps Satsuki outside, the other Mew Mews arrive. They are weakened when the chimeras begin methodically reading from novels (Are they saying reading puts one to sleep?).

Mew Mew Lettuce, Metamorphosis! Her ribbon Lettuce rush and Mew Ichigo's ribbon strawberry surprise put a stop to those pesky chimeras. Pai makes his escape saying he has all the data he needs for now.

Outside the library, Lettuce and the others watch from a distance as Nirohiro places a ring on Satsuki's finger. The girls tell Lettuce how sorry they are, but the pretty green haired girl insists she is fine. A short time later she walks home confidently knowing that one day she will find the love meant for her alone.

The Knight in Blue

Not Completed, yet

Mid-Summer's Love

Not Completed, yet