The Power of Kindness

Picking up from last episode, Ryou is asking Ichigo to go to the beach. Seems the research facilities at Southern Cross Marina also doubles as a chalet. "You've always done your job well," he says.

Its a picturesque day on the beach. The chalet is lavish and beautiful. Everyone is enjoying a good swim....everyone except Lettuce. Later, as skewers of delicious kabobs sizzle on the bar-b-que, everyone asks Lettuce why she did not go into the water especially since her power is derived from the finless porpoise. The truth is, Lettuce admits, that she has never swam before.

A short distance from the Mew's, a young girl (Iruka) is getting teased by three boys. Her name means dolphin in Japanese, yet she is unable to swim. Ichigo and the others approach the boys and tell them to stop their bullying. After insulting Ichigo, the boys run away. All the girls offer to teach Iruka to swim, but in the end, Lettuce and Iruka team up to learn swimming together. After practicing a few ways of getting use to the water, Iruka admits that she really DOES know how to swim, but a scare has made her afraid of the water. Then the child tells Lettuce that she will swim again. Her determination has made Lettuce confident enough to try swimming herself. Unfortunately, she doesn't fare well. Iruka calls for the other girls, who come to Lettuce's rescue.

That evening, Ryou notices Lettuce is not eating like the other girls. Once dinner is over, he sits with her by the beach. Lettuce admits she feels she can't learn swimming. Ryou kindly tells her to have more confidence, and she will be able to tackle anything. "Have faith and don't give up," he says soothingly. Lettuce feels better after his advice.

The next day all the girls except Lettuce are playing volleyball. Iruka sits down next to Lettuce. The child tells the teen that anyone brave enough to jump into the water will surely swim one day. Suddenly, a vicious storm erupts causing the beach to be evacuated. Masha informs the girls it is the aliens. Pai and Taruto appear saying they made fierce chimera animals. All of the girls transform. Unfortunately, the girls are having trouble fighting so many oversized sea creatures.

At the same time, the three bullies from earlier are trapped on a Gazebo located by the raging sea. A huge wave pulls one of the boys into the water. Iruka sees this and goes diving into the water to save him. The Mew's see this as well, and Lettuce charges into the sea to save her small new friend. Lettuce experiences fear at first, but she remembers her talk with both Ryou and Iruka and gains strength. Her perseverance and faith allowed her to transform into a powerful mermaid-like Mew. She grabs the children and emerges from the sea in a great light.

The beach is illuminated with Mew Lettuce's power. The creatures of the sea are weak under the bright light. Each of the girls take advantage of the situation and use their special attacks. The sea returns to it's original beauty.

It's almost sunset, and the girls are enjoying the beach. Ryou and Keiichiro watch over them. They comment how much there is yet to learn. and how Lettuce's power of light will be discussed when they return to Cafe Mew Mew. Until then, everyone enjoys the beauty offered by this wondrous planet.

Memories of Mother

Poor Pudding has come down with a cold and fever. Everyone wants her to rest, but the young girl is desperate to get home. Ichigo and the others learn that Pudding has been caring for her younger siblings ever since her mother passed away. Seems Pudding's father is rarely home as well. Ichigo, Mint, and Lettuce resolve to help Pudding until she is better. Little did they know that the undertaking would be such a task.

The young girls arrive at the day care where Pudding's youngest sister, HeiCha, goes. Her very kind teacher tells the girls of the hardships that Pudding must face everyday. With four younger brothers and a little sister, it is up to Pudding to do all the cooking and cleaning for their family. When it's time to leave, the child refuses to go with the girls. Luckily a very unstable Pudding arrives to pick her up. The young Mew insists she is alright and tells the others that they can go home.

Pudding and HeiCha return home to find their brothers (ChinCha, Lucha, HonCha, and HanaCha) anxiously waiting for dinner. The doorbell rings. It's Ichigo and the others bringing food from Cafe Mew Mew. They tell pudding that they are staying until she feels well. Whew! Caring for five younger siblings is not easy even for Ichigo, Lettuce, and Mint. Pudding awakens to quite a commotion. She tells her friends that after sleeping all day she is better and bids them goodbye.....unfortunately, she is still not feeling very well.

The next morning, Pudding takes HeiCha to school, but the youngest Mew is still running a fever. HeiCha's teacher drives Pudding home telling her not to overdo it. Pudding is very fond of this kind woman (she reminds her of her mother). Needless to say, Pudding is furious when Tart shows up and extracts the teacher's kind heart to conjure up a chicken-like Kimera animal. The young alien finds it amusing that Pudding is too ill to fight at her best. The other Mews arrive to help, but it is ultimately Pudding that immobilizes the Kimera so Ichigo may use her Strawberry check. HeiCha's teacher is saved.

After Tart disappears and everything is back to normal, the kind teacher helps with the other children and prepares some soup for Pudding. The young Mew asks if she may call the woman, Mom. The teacher says "yes" and tells Pudding to feel free to call her when help is needed. Pudding lays her sleepy head on the teachers lap and cries tears of relief and exhaustion. The next day a renewed Pudding is ready to get back to work at the Cafe, and she is smiling more than ever!

Sparks of the Heart

Ichigo and Mint haven't always seen eye to eye. Ichigo accuses Mint of sitting around instead of helping at the cafe, and Mint is always accusing Ichigo of coming in late. Their differences escalate into an argument. When Zakuro tells Mint to calm down, the young girl is so upset that she quits the cafe and the Mew project.

Meanwhile, Ryou, as well as the aliens, have discovered the power of a purified water called Mew Aqua. It quite possibly has the ability to change the Earth as we know it, but will it be used for good or evil. If Kish has his way, it will rid the planet of those pesky Mews. His plan is to use a small portion of mew aqua to create a chimera animal that will take down the Mews.

Can Zakuro convince Mint to return to the Mew project so all the girls can work together? Is it possible that Mint no longer cares for the Earth's environment and all living creatures? (No way!) Watch the episode to see how Mint and Ichigo put aside their differences in order to work together. The Earth will be saved once again!