Farewell Summer

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Sudden Love

The cafe is offering "all you can eat" desserts, and it's very crowded. Ichigo is waiting on her two friends, Moe and Miwa, who continue to want more cake. When Ichigo says they should try falling in love instead of food, the two girls admit they had a recent love encounter. Suddenly, they both stand in disbelief and point to Ryou and Keiichiro. What a surprise to see them!

The following day at school, Moe recaps how she met Ryou. It was last Sunday, and she was surrounded by 4 thugs with evil intentions. Ryou came to her rescue sending the bad guys running. Then Miwa told of her encounter; she was on one of her shopping trips when she accidentally dropped a package of tea. She was apologizing, because it was damaged. Keiichiro walked up claiming it was just what he was looking for and purchased it. His handsome looks and kind smile sent her heart a flutter. Once the stories were over, they ask for Ichigo's help for they feel she is "destiny's cupid." Unfortunately, Ichigo has her doubts and tells Masaya about them later that day.

Meanwhile in the dark depths of the alien realm, Deep Blue insists his minions eliminate the humans. When their leader disappears, Tart asks Kish why he is hiding the knowledge of Mew Aqua from Deep Blue? The older alien says he's just waiting for it to be analyzed. That's when Pai walks in saying he may have found it.

In the secret room of Cafe Mew Mew, Keiichiro, too, has spotted a possible mew aqua sighting in Inohara Park It happens to be around a rare natural spring. They want to investigate, but Ichigo arrives with her two friends. She arranges for the four of them to have a chat. The outcome....Ryou is quiet and abrupt, Keiichiro is warm and friendly, and Ichigo's friends are gushing all over themselves. The four talked until closing time.

At school the next day, Moe and Miwa tell Ichigo of their plan to win the men's hearts. Moe will cook a boxed lunch and fill it with love for Ryou, while Miwa will compose a beautiful poem for Keiichiro. Ichigo declares that she will help them in any way she can. That evening, the girls work hard on their gifts of love.

The next morning, the two girls meet with Ichigo outside the cafe. Both are dressed up beautifully. Ichigo leads them to the door, but as they approach, Ryou and Keiichiro are in a hurry to leave. Even though they apologize at their quick exit, Ichigo is left to cheer up her friends. When the young girls leave feeling rejected, Ichigo storms off to find the two heartbreakers.

A short time later, Ichigo locates Ryou and Keiichiro at the park. They are explaining the investigation of an energy source when Kish suddenly shows up!


Oh No! Kish has used the pure spirits of Ichigo's friends, Moe and Miwa, to form two large chimera love birds! Ichigo won't stand for this!

Mew Mew Strawberry, Metamorphosis!

Ichigo grabs her strawberry bell, but the two birds form large heart cushions on their chests and bounce the poor Mew back and forth . (Bet 'cha most guys wouldn't mind that...ha, ha.) Then the two birds turn their attention to Ryou and Keiichiro. After a dance of courtship....they pursue to two guys. Luckily Mew Ichigo takes care of the birds with her "Ribbon Strawberry Surprise." At the same time Kish has discovered the mew aqua is just a tiny speck and leaves just as the other mews arrive.

When the excitement is over, Moe and Miwa find themselves awakening in a bed within the cafe. To their delight, Keiichiro read and responded to Miwa's poem, and Ryou ate and enjoyed his box lunch from Moe. Before leaving, the girls tell the guys that they understand that they may be a little too young for them. However, they're not too young to be a fangirl or start a fan club! The girls are happy once again!

A Mysterious Gem

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