Kitty Panic!

Not Completed.

A Forbidden Love?

Ichigo and her friends are excited. They are taking the subway to go clearance shopping. Unfortunately, the train stops and the announcer states that it will not go further due to an animal on board. When the subway doors open, a stray cat jumps out hitting Ichigo and knocking her to the ground. Imagine her surprise when the cat apologizes and she can actually understand him!

The next day Ichigo tells the others of her experience. As she is relaying the events, that very cat knocks on the window of the Cafe. Ichigo shows the others the talking cat in hopes of convincing her skeptical friends. As it turns out, only Ichigo can understand the cat. Seems this is another peculiar side effect of the cat DNA.

A little while later, the cat says his name is Asano and wants help to find a girl Lilac Point cat. ("Lilac Point" is the most precious kind of Siamese cat.) Asano explains how he met the female cat after sharing half a sardine with her. She introduced herself as Jacqueline. Asano was chased away but everyday he would come back to visit her. Eventually, the owner locked the windows so Jacqueline could not go outside. They still continuously met, and Asano made a promise to take her to see the outside world. Then one day Jacqueline stopped appearing at the window. Seems the owner's wife passed away so he a Jacqueline moved to a Condo.

Touched by the story, Lettuce wants to help as well.....so both girls and Asano go from condo to condo looking for Jacqueline. Suddenly, Asano sees a sign for a Cat Fair featuring a picture of Jacqueline. Aoyama happens to see them and explains that The Cat Fair is a place where pedigreed cats can find themselves a mate. Many rare and unusual cats will be there. If the two cats produce kittens, they will fetch and handsome price. Oh NO! The girls resolve to enter Asano as an applicant. Pudding uses paint to make Asano appear as a male Lilac Point cat.

Once at the Fair, Asano picks up Jacqueline's scent and runs in that directly. Before the girls can go after him, Masha arrives to inform them of an alien presence. Meanwhile, Asano finds Jacqueline and learns that they cannot be together for she cannot leave her owner alone. He accepts that and tearfully runs out hitting a glass tank. The water from the tank dumps on him washing away all of Pudding's hard work. Ichigo and Lettuce kneel by their sad feline friend. Lettuce encourages him not to give up for he must at least tell Jacqueline his true feelings. No cat should be forced to mate with one they do not like.

A few moments later Jacqueline is put on display for all suitors. A suave male cat like herself wants to become Jacqueline's mate. Asano calls her name, and she admits she only wants sardines with Asano. The male cat gets angry ... even more so when he is transformed into a chimera animal. The audience screams as Asano risks his life to protect Jacqueline.

All of the Mews transform! Mew Ichigo uses her Strawberry Bell as a means to distract the cat chimera by making him fetch. Then at just the right time, she engages her Strawberry Ribbon Surprise to dispose of the pesky feline chimera.

Jacqueline's owner and the girls surround the injured Asano. Seeing how much Asano cares for his Jacqueline, the owner declares that this stray cat will be her mate. He knows that Asano will make her happy just as his deceased wife made him happy. The Mews and the audience clap as true love wins again.

Be Honest!

Masaya has been very busy lately, and Ichigo is wondering if he has lost interest in her. Her friends tell her that she should ask Mariko. Seems the girl is really famous for her fortune telling using the crystal ball. Basically Mariko tells Ichigo that if she is honest with her feelings and trusts in Masaya, then she will be a happy bride. Ichigo is thrilled with the outcome.

At work Ichigo is extremely happy. She asks Akasaka if she can get some cake before she leaves. After work, Ichigo brings the cake to the Aoyama home. Just as she is approaching the front gate, Masaya walks up. He tells her that he is sorry that his clubs have kept him so busy and invites her in.

The next day at school, Ichigo looks for Mariko so she can thank her. She finds the talented fortune teller outside watching a boy named Shunsuke playing soccer. Mariko turns to leave when she sees another girl bring Shunsuke a towel.

A little while later, Shunsuke finds Mariko sitting on a bench. He had noticed her watching him play. They talk about her ability to read the future. She tells him that he can confess to the girl he loves on Sunday at Noon. All the while Ichigo is silently watching this.

When Ichigo can get Mariko alone, she thanks her. Then the pretty Mew asks why Mariko isn't being honest with her OWN feelings. Mariko responds by saying that as long as Shunsuke is happy then she is happy.

Meanwhile Pai thinks he located the Mew Aqua. He tells Kish to investigate. To do that Kish must put his drop of mew aqua next to the object. Oh No! That object is Mariko's crystal ball. They felt that if this ball can truly tell the future, it must contain the power of mew aqua.

Sunday at Noon has arrived, and Ichigo scours the park looking for Mariko. She quickly ducks behind a tree when she sees Shunsuke arrive. Funny thing is, Mariko is hiding behind that tree as well. They watch Shunsuke approach the fountain. Suddenly, Kish arrives demanding the crystal ball. Ichigo tells Mariko to run, but Kish gives chase. The mischievous alien is about to take Mariko's life spirit when Shunsuke stands in the way. Kish takes the boy's life spirit and produces a very large elephant chimera. Ichigo transforms and battles the chimera, but she is having difficulty. Not only that, but Kish has managed to get his hands on Mariko's crystal ball. Just before he is able to get away, Pudding grabs him. To Mew Ichigo's delight all of the other Mew Mews have arrived.

While the others fight Kish to retrieve the crystal ball, Ichigo goes after the elephant chimera. Unfortunately, she is getting pummeled. The Blue Knight arrives to save her from a strong blast of water. He tells her that the enemy cannot move very quickly so she should attack from behind...then he disappears. Ichigo follows the suggestion and jumping from behind is able to bring the large chimera down.

Strawberry Bell! Ribbon Strawberry Surprise! That chimera is toast.

At the same time that Mew Ichigo is returning the life spirit to Shunsuke, Mew Zakuro has knocked the crystal ball out of Kish's hands. The Mews yell to Ichigo to catch the falling crystal. Unfortunately, Mew Ichigo and Kish run into one another and the ball crashes to the ground breaking into pieces. Kish sees the ball is worthless and leaves. The Mews see it is not the mew aqua they thought it was. Happily, one good thing did come out of all this....Shunsuke has asked Mariko on a date.

The next day at school Ichigo learns that Mariko has given up on fortune telling. Seems she was just telling girls those things to encourage them. "Does that mean I'm not going to be Masaya's bride?" she wails.