Father's Back

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Princess Fight

Mint is inviting all of the girls to a lavish tea party that her family holds once a year. Ichigo and the others can't help but be suspicious. Why would she invite them...there must be something she wants us to do?? Mint, however, insists there is nothing.

Meanwhile a freighter has arrived and a horse drawn carriage picks up a precious box. Kish sees this and assumes that it may be mew aqua.

It's the day of the tea party, and everyone is enjoying the festivities. Ichigo and Lettuce are feeling a bit out of place. Pudding, however, is totally enjoying the food. Mint and Zakuro look beautiful as they mingle with the other elite guests. Suddenly, a flamboyant helicopter arrives. In a round of glory, out comes the most annoying young girl. She introduces herself as Kanna Saionji....Mint's eternal rival. The others are sure that this stuck-up girl is the reason Mint had invited them.

Shortly after her arrival, Mint has had enough of Kanna. Just as they are having words, an explosion rings out. The carriage carrying the special box is overturned. The Mews look up to see the uninvited guest, Kish. He assumes since Ichigo is at the party, that box MUST contain Mew Aqua. He uses the DNA of one of the male party guests to create an flying dragon-like chimera. Kish then lunges for the box, but Kanna beats him to it.

The Mews have all transformed and begin to battle. This chimera is strong, emitting loud shock waves. Mew Ichigo is hit hard when she tries to fight. She's in trouble! To the rescue comes the Blue Knight. He tells her to aim their attacks into the chimera's mouth. Ichigo and Mint work together to destroy the chimera just a Kish sees that the box doesn't contain Mew Aqua after all. He disappears.

Kanna is pleased with the girls and offers them money if they go with her. Mint scolds her....saying that you can't buy friends. Then Mew Mint discusses the importance of treating people right. Kanna sadly admits she always envied Mint since the first time she saw her.

A little while later, Mint shows everyone what was in the box. It is the finest tea. The girls enjoy the tea and cakes on a blanket on the grass. They invite Kanna to join them. You can see that she appreciated being included. Before she leaves, Kanna insists they are still eternal rivals. However, looks like the rivalry will be a friendly one from now on.

A Fiance Appears

Tart (a.k.a. Taruto) is causing a ruckus in the park. He is scaring children and their parents with a silly giant toy-like chimera. Luckily the Mew Mews are there to put a stop to it. However, Tart has his toy attack with oil coated spikes. When Pudding is in trouble, a handsome man with great Kenpou skills rescues her using "Tornado Wrecking Fist". After disposing of the chimera, he turns to pudding and introduces himself as Ron Yuebin. The girls are shocked that he knows her true identity.

Later that day at the Mew Mew Cafe, the man explains everything. He was sent by Master Wong Taren (Pudding's father) to find her. He needs one final test to pass the KouEnJi Kenpou's succession. He must compete with the other candidate for that right, and that other candidate is Pudding. He challenges Pudding to a duel for the honor as the next successor. That outcome...Pudding lost. Due to her loss, Ron informs Pudding that he is now her fiancÚ! Pudding is totally against it (she's still in grade school for heavens sake) and asks him to leave.

In their secret room, Akasaka tells Ryou that the Indoor Sports Hall is giving off unusually high energy readings. Could it be Mew Aqua?

It's evening, and Pudding returns home to find Ron has made a delicious meal for her siblings. What is going on?

The next day Pudding has left work late and worries about being there for baby sister, Heicha. However, when she gets to the daycare, Pudding finds Ron is keeping Heicha company. This is really irritating Pudding. Even the next day at work, Ron is there impressing the Cafe customers. Pudding wishes that he would just leave her alone.

On the alien ship, Kish (a.k.a. Kisshu) asks Tart for a hand. They found a new possible source of Mew Aqua. "Perfect timing," Tart says...hoping to fight with Pudding again.

Another day ends, and Pudding returns home to find Ron overcome by her energetic siblings. What's more....he had been dusting the shelves at the time. Pudding looks down in horror to find her photo album with precious pictures of her mother almost destroyed. She tearfully screams at him to, "GET OUT!!!"

The next day, they find Pudding clutching the photo album and sitting on top of the Mew Mew Cafe. She won't come down. Suddenly, Ryou announces the aliens have arrived, and they must get into action. Pudding, however, refuses saying she needs to figure out her own future. Once the other Mews are gone, Tart appears in front of Pudding.

Meanwhile, at the Sports Dome, the Mew Mew's arrive and urge the spectators to leave immediately. At the same time Kish has created a Kangaroo-type chimera (Punchy) and leaves to track down the Mew Aqua. Mew Ichigo tells the girls to go after Kish while she tangles with the boxing chimera.

Back at the Cafe, Tart had immobilized both Pudding and Ron. He grabs Pudding and flies off while the helpless Ron can only watch.

Ichigo, in the meantime, has problems of her own. The chimera is incredibly strong, and she is getting pummeled. Tart shows up with Pudding. He asks the chimera to use the small blond as a punching bag. Luckily, Ron arrives in time to use a "Switching body technique," but he gets knocked out. An angry Pudding uses her KouEnJi Kenpou just enough so Mew Ichigo can use her "Ribbon Strawberry....Surprise," to send that chimera packing... On the roof, Kish doesn't find a good source of Mew Aqua and leaves without a fight.

Once Ron recovered from his injuries, he bid farewell to the girls. It was time for him to return to China to further his training. He says he must get stronger to protect Pudding. They all wave goodbye to this very special man telling him that he is welcome to visit anytime.