The Shining Tear


Miracle of the Holy Night

Ichigo was going to meet Masaya for a romantic date by the Christmas tree when the aliens interfered. They've discovered Mew Aqua at the tip of the tree and threaten to destroy mankind. Thinking it would keep the aliens from the Mew Aqua, Pudding puts a barrier around it. Unfortunately, it was a trick! Pudding's barrier is reacting with the Mew Aqua and acting as a detonator. Oh No, Keiichiro says an explosion could wipe out the whole Kanto region.

The girls watch as time runs out. Kish reiterates that this was supposed to be their planet and the humans have polluted it. Ryo becomes angry yelling back how their chimera's were responsible for the deaths of his parents, and no one wants to lose a loved one. Zakuro says they must destroy Pudding's ring. All the girls use their power, but the aliens easily block the blows. The aliens begin to attack. When Kish attacks with a powerful orb, the Blue Knight arrives to destroy it just in time. Kish charges at the Blue Knight in anger and is severely injured in the process. Tart wants to retaliate, but Pie says they must go to avoid getting hurt from the eminent explosion.

The Blue Knight turns to the girls. He tells them they must combine their powers. They do just that. The Mew Aqua is strong and although they prevented a major explosion, small orbs of Mew Aqua is disbursed. and the girls are sent toppling. As Ichigo approaches the ground she catches sight of Masaya running towards the scene. She watches in horror as an orb strikes the boy right in the chest! He crumples to the ground. Ichigo becomes angry that the Mew Aqua caused Masaya to get hurt. She lifts it ready to throw, but Ryo stops her. He says an ambulance is on the way and she should transform so she can go with him. He then instructs the others to collect any Mew Aqua.

Ichigo transforms just as Masaya grabs her hand warning her of danger. He then loses consciousness. While holiday shoppers are buying gifts, an ambulance races to the hospital.

Ichigo waits outside the operating room. She sadly gazes at the pendant she intended to give Masaya as a Christmas gift. When the doctor emerges from surgery, she states that Masaya is still unconscious due to the shock to his body. She instructs Ichigo to help by continuing to talk to him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the mews have collected what Mew Aqua they could find. Ryo has returned to the cafe. Zakaro radios in asking how Masaya is. Keiichiro replies he is still unstable. Zakuro says he will probably be alright, because miracles happen on the Holy night.

Not far from Earth, Tart and Pie try to help Kish...his wound is deep. Deep Blue says Kish is no longer useful....so forget about him. This angers Tart, but the two are dedicated to their leader.

Back at the hospital, Ichigo tells Masaya she's been lying to him...then admits everything. He, however, is still unconscious. She leans over him....hoping he will wake up. A single tear falls from her eyes. As if a miracle, she notices Masaya is beginning to stir. Relieved, she begins to leave, but before she can, the boy wakes up. He says, "lets walk outside." (Gets up right after surgery....that is a miracle!!!) They walk up to the beautiful Christmas tree. Masaya admits that he has known for a long time that she was a Mew but didn't say anything for fear of ruining their relationship. He also told her that he was an orphan. His adoptive parents wanted an intelligent child, and he was always trying to live up to their expectations. Now that they've confided in one another, Ichigo gives Masaya his present. He thanks her, and they gaze at the tree while silent night plays the background. They make a wish to be together forever. Will that wish come true? Of course, for it is the Holy night and miracles do happen!

Merry Christmas....everyone.

The Stolen Dream

Not Completed.