Two Becoming Friends?


The Wind Brings Happiness


Zakuro's Dilemma:

Asakasa informs Ryou of a possible Mew Aqua signal. It appears to be on a ship in the harbor. As he is speaking, there is a commotion upstairs. The girls have read an article stating that Zakuro has been asked to star in a Hollywood movie. Mint is especially devastated since that would mean her idol would be moving to America. Just then, Zakuro walks in saying that she hasn't made a decision.

Later, Ryou sends the girls to the harbor in search of the Mew Aqua. Each of them split up in hopes that it would react to one of them...that way they can locate it. It isn't long before Pie and Tart appear before a lone Zakuro. She has just finished reading a letter....one that brought back bad memories. The aliens demand that she tell them where the Mew Aqua is. She, of course, refuses! On the monitors at the cafe, Ryou sees that the aliens have arrived and tells Ichigo and the others to transform and find Zakuro.

They arrive at Zakuro's location, but the older girl refuses to transform.....even after Tart creates a crab-like chimera! This chimera is tough and the girls are getting roughed up. Ichigo becomes angry when Mint gets hurt protected Zakuro!
Ribbon Strawberry Check!
The chimera is destroyed. When Tart prepares to unleash another chimera, Pie says to stop since it is apparent that they don't know where the Mew Aqua is. The aliens disappear....even Kish who was watching them from above. All of the girls are puzzled why Zakuro did not transform even to protect Mint.

Sometime later, Ichigo notices that Zakuro is in talking to Ryou, but she is unable to hear what they are saying. When Zakuro walks out, she asks Ichigo to take care of Mint.

The next morning the girls are all called together, but Zakuro does not show up. Masha brings them a letter from her saying that she enjoyed their time together. It appears that Zakuro really has quit. Ryou boldly says that if Zakuro wants to quit, they should let her for that is the decision she has made, and their fights are only going to get tougher. Ichigo doesn't buy that and grabs Mint insisting that they will find their missing Mew Mew.

Outside, the girls search for Zakuro, but really don't know where she could be. Masha says he knows where she is.

Zakuro prays in her favorite church. When she looks up....there is Kish. Only seconds later, Ichigo, Mint and the others burst in. They see Zakuro and Kish.........what is going on???

To be continued....