Enemy or Ally?


The City Turns into a Forest!


The Riddle Dissolves! The Truth about the Blue Knight

Picking up from last episode, Ichigo has discovered that Ryou is not the Blue Knight. The handsome blond boy tells her, however, that the mystery may clear up soon.

Later that day, Ichigo is reminded that Valentine's Day is coming soon. She wants to give chocolates to Masaya and asks Akasaka if he could help her. He agrees to giving guidance, but she must make it herself.....that's what will make it special. Ichigo decides to make strawberry chocolate. Unfortunately, she is not a very good cook. Akasaka tells all of the girls that if they make something from the heart, it will be enjoyed. Each of the girls decide to make chocolates for the people who are special to them. Lettuce wonders who she can make chocolates for and shyly looks away when Ryou walks by (cute scene).

Ichigo calls Aoyama and arranges to meet him on Sunday. Before she hangs up the phone, Aoyama says he's been worried about her and wishes she wouldn't fight anyone. This surprises Ichigo, because in the past, he would always back her up.

Sunday has arrived. Ichigo is anxious to give her chocolates to Aoyama. On the way to meet him, she is confronted by Kish. The alien's eyes begin to glow, "I'm here to pick you up," he says. He wants to take her to a world far away where it would be just the two of them and no fighting. Ichigo is confused and scared. When she says Aoyama is the only one for me, Kish becomes angry. Creating a dagger, he threatens to kill her. (Ah...true love....:p). She tries to escape, but finds herself cornered. When she attempts to transform, Kish kicks the pink power source from her hand. (Elsewhere, Aoyama senses that Ichigo is in danger.)

Back at the cafe Akasaka has gotten a signal that a Mew Mew has tried to transform, but it was stopped. Ryou and the other Mew Mew's know what must be done.

Returning to Ichigo....Kish charges forward ready to attack the young girl when just in time, Aoyama arrives. Kish is annoyed with the interruption and crosses his two daggers creating a powerful explosive orb aimed directly at the boy. Ichigo slams into the alien causing the orb to miss Aoyama, but the resulting explosion has injured his upper arm. Mysteriously, he begins to emit a strange blue light. Suddenly, the question of "Who is the Blue Knight??" is revealed!

It is Aoyama!!!

To make a long story short (cause I'm getting tired of typing...) During Kish and the Blue Knight's battle, Ichigo is able to get her power source back. It's a good thing since the Blue Knight cannot fight as well due to his injured arm. Ichigo ends up saving Aoyama and begging Kish not to hurt the most precious thing in her life. Kish finally concedes and disappears. (Note that while the two were fighting, Ryou and the other Mew Mew's arrived and are very surprised to learn who the Blue Knight really is.)

Later, Ichigo is finally able to give her chocolates to her special guy. "It's delicious!" he says. Not far off, Kish is not only sulking, but wondering, "Just who is this Blue Knight???"

To be continued....