New Reinforcement!


The Power of Love!

Deep Blue gives Pai and Tart new orders. "Destroy the Blue Knight," he tells them. The two aliens are confused with the new orders, but are devoted and will carry out their duties.

Meanwhile, under Cafe Mew Mew, Ryou and Akasaka discuss the recent phenomena. It's extremely complicated. Upstairs in the restaurant, there is a crowd lined up outside the door. All the young girls want Aoyama to wait on them. Ichigo arrives late, and she, too, is impressed with how cute he looks as a waiter. This surprises Mint and the others who thought Ichigo would be jealous and chase out the customers.

Returning to Pai....his research has determined that the Blue Knight appears only to protect Mew Ichigo. Therefore, he comes up with a strategy and is 92% sure that the Blue Knight will meet his death very very soon.

The next day at school, the teacher is interrupted when a bright light and explosion takes place outside. Masaya runs to get Ichigo and the two run off to fight the unusual chimera animal that appeared. (A special song plays when they are running together....kawaii!!) As they get closer to the creature, the two are joined by Mint, Lettuce, Zakuro, and Pudding. Within moments, Ichigo and Masaya transform.

With Pai and Tart (Taruto) watching, the chimera begins it's attack. Zakuro uses her "Ribbon Zakuro Spear" to slice up the creature, but it regenerates and gives the pretty model a fierce blow sending her flying. The octopus chimera uses his black ink spray to blind everyone, then grabs the girls. The Blue Knight tries his best to help, but this creature is strong!

With Mew Ichigo immobilized, Pai demands that the Blue Knight drop his sword or she will be killed. Once the sword is dropped, Pai hits the Blue Knight over and over again. Even Tart and the chimera get their attacks in. They know the boy won't lift a finger against them or Mew Ichigo will be fatally harmed. A tearful Ichigo watches this and begs her love to run away, but he continues to take the blows until collapsing. Ichigo's tears land on the fallen boy, and he remembers the nightmares of her crying. When Pai and Tart initiate their death sentence attacks, Ichigo's strength accentuates, and she breaks free! She protects the Blue Knight and blocks the attacks.

Angry, Ichigo unleashes an enormous "Ribbon Strawberry Surprise" that disposes of the chimera, thus releasing all the other Mew Mew's. Pai and Tart disappear knowing they cannot fight that kind of power. Even Ryou and Akasaka (watching from their monitors) can't believe her new strength. Kish appears unnoticed and looking down on Mew Ichigo he says, "Wrong. That power was not Ichigo's. That's....."

What did Kish mean? Who's power was it? Wait and find out!!!

Maze from Another Dimension!