The Final Battle!

NOTE: The animation quality in this particular episode is exceptional.

The Blue Knight is out of control as Deep Blue and causing chaos and destruction. Ryou carries Mew Ichigo away from danger. She looks at him sadly, "I'm Sorry, Shirogane. My voice doesn't seem to reach Aoyama anymore." "It will reach..." the blond boy encourages, "you are the chosen super ladies." He goes on to say that none of the events that have occurred were by accident.

The others join her as Mew Ichigo resolves to fight with everything she's got. The girls combine their powers, but it does little to stop Deep Blue. He turns to Pai, "I'll leave this to you," and returns to the space ship.

Akasaka transmits to the girls telling them that the mew aqua is within the base. He says that the base could have been something that was left on Earth by the aliens in ancient times and for some reason, they sealed the final Mew Aqua inside of it. Unfortunately, It looks as if Deep Blue carries the ultimate weapon against Earth. The girls insist they will not let the Earth be destroyed! When they head towards the base...."FUSION!" Pai shouts creating the exact chimera monster that killed Ryou's parents. Lettuce urges Ichigo to go to the base while they fight the chimera.

Pai attacks in an attempt to stop Mew Ichigo. When Taruto (Tart) intervenes in a surprising twist, Pai responds with a deadly blow sending him spiraling downward to the ground. "It would be good if you have a nice dream. An eternal dream." Pai says. The smoke billows from the spot where the young alien crashed to the ground in a deadly heap (One down.). Pudding screams out his name in anguish. Mew Ichigo looks back saddened, but Zakuro instructs her to keep going.

Inside the base a glowing orb appears around Deep Blue's heart. "Why didn't I realize this earlier," he laughs evilly. Mew Ichigo makes her way slowly thru the base. She can feel the power. She clutches the bell Aoyama game her before passing through the ominous door that leads to Deep Blue. On Earth, the girls continue to fight Pai and the chimera animal.

Meanwhile, Ichigo comes face-to-face with Deep Blue, and it's not the kind of meeting she had hoped. He attacks! At the same time on Earth, the chimera is gunning for Ryou. Lettuce protects him, but both are hit by the chimera's backlash. The two are hurt. Mint tells Pudding to look after them while she and Zakuro continue to fight.

The scene returns to inside the base. "This beautiful planet is solely mine. I won't allow anyone else to touch it!" Blue says selfishly aiming an attack towards the battered Ichigo. Before he can carry out his attack, Kisshu (Kish) appears. Kisshu tries to trick Deep Blue and get the best of him, but sadly, the green-haired alien is killed by Blue's mighty sword.(Two down and one to go!!) "I was lucky to have met you," he says before passing away.

Blue watches Ichigo crying over Kisshu while declaring she will fight him, when suddenly he has memories of Aoyama's recurring dream. The evil alien lets out agonizing screams. Beams of light emit from his body causing mass disintegration of the buildings on Earth as well as the chimera. The Mew Mews are helping Ryou, and it looks as if it's the end for them. Pai looks in their direction and recalls the day Lettuce said it was possible they could be friends. He looks up in the sky claiming that this may be the day for his eternal sleep. Using two large fan-type weapons he faces the oncoming danger. "Kuu Rai Sen Puu Jin", he yells. The resulting explosion sends everyone to the ground. Lettuce is able to pick her head up enough to see Pai lying against a rock...blood dripping down from his mouth. Ryou looks over saying that Pai gave his life to save them. (And that makes three!) The badly battered girls are unable to move and put their faith in Mew Ichigo.

Returning to the base, it has sustained quite a bit of damage. A bruised Ichigo struggles to sit up. Standing above her is Deep Blue....or is it? As the shadow clears from his face, the sword he is carrying falls to the ground. Deep brown eyes stare down at Ichigo. Still in his alien form (huge ears), but unmistakably....it's Aoyama!

Is the world saved? Don't miss the exciting conclusion!!

For The Earth's Future!