Mew Mew Generation
by Mew Mew Doll

It all starts out with a love story ending as a disaster. One by one, the new Mew Mew Generation help out in Japan. But how about Tokyo Mew Mew in America? Read to find out what happens… Wish Cherry Scepter Aura!

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4 *

A Different Kind of Mew Mew!
by Faunamon

"We are Crystal Mew Mew! For our planet... and for everyone!" When Kiku Hakukaze has a weird dream, she wakes up to find herself infused with an animal! Her two best friends are also Mew Mews, and it's up to them to recruit the other two Mews and fight off the intruders who want to take over. But there's something a little... different about Kiku and her friends. Read to find out what!

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *

Tokyo Mew True
by Faunamon

Ever wonder where Mia Ikumi got the idea for Tokyo Mew Mew? Why she wears cat ears and other strange outfits as if they were completely normal? And just where did a crimefighting catgirl come from, anyway? Well, one author's strange mind has created the answers! In this unique story, come along with Mew Mia, Mew Reiko and all the others to discover just what the true story of Tokyo Mew Mew really is!

Chapter: * 1 *

Me In The Mew World!
by Faunamon

I've teleported myself to Cafe Mew Mew? There's an unlimited supply of waffles on the roof? Ryou's in a SKIRT? What the heck is going on here? Please reveiw, and if feedback's good, then a sequel's on its way, nya!

Chapter: * Full Story *


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