Flight Night

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Witch Hunt

Abel and Tres investigate the grisly murder/suicide of a group of vampires. What could possibly have caused this? During investigation, they come upon a young frightened child. When Abel kindly tries to question her, she touches his head rendering him unconscious. Tres insists that she tell him what she did........to her surprise, the gunslinger is not affected by her touch.

Back at the monastery, Abel comes out of his dream state and is given information on the child. It seems her name is Eris Wurzmeier. She has a special ability called "Contact Telepathy." Seems everywhere this child goes murder and bloodshed follow.

In a small room, Father Wordsworth is questioning the child, but she is not going to cooperate. Abel takes over and is soon able to gain her trust. Eris explains how she hates humans for they are always trying to kill her...even her parents. He vows to be on her side. Little did he know that he would soon have to keep his promise for Tres has been instructed to eliminate the girls if she tries to escape. When Eris claims she wants to use the toilet in an attempt to escape, Tres found himself gunning for the child. Nightroad saves her by disabling Tres with electricity. (Yes, Tres is a robot, but don't worry Tres fans...he has a self recovery system.)

Right after the commotion, a pretty nun approaches Abel saying she is Sister Louise from St. Rachel's Monastery here to pick up Eris. The child goes semi willingly. Imagine Abel's shock when Father Wordsworth approaches him with the REAL Sister Louise. The other was an imposter and an evil vampire. Lucky for Eris a tracer was placed on the unknowing child. Before she can be harmed, Abel and Tres arrive. Abel asks Tres to take the girl out so he can transform and take care of the evil woman vampire.

A short time later, Abel exits the building and into the arms of Eris who was affectionately waiting for him. Suddenly, Tres aims his guns at the child. "My orders are to terminate the dangerous element," he says. As luck would have it, he claims to be out of bullets. However, when the horribly deformed woman vampire reappears and attacks, Tres fires round after round to eliminate her once and for all. Looks like the handsome robot has a heart, and Eris has finally found some allies.

Severed limb count: Dozens in the beginning and then Father Tres blew away about 1/2 a dozen more.

The Star Of Sorrow I. City of Blood

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