The Iblis I. Evening Visitors

Cardinal Caterina is visiting Carthago when she is warned that an assassination attempt may take place. However, Caterina strongly believes that the people's confidence will be gained if she stays. Suddenly, an explosion and fire erupts! Just as she heads for the door, a young boy who had entered the room unseen, orders her to hold still. Of course, she assumes it is a vampire. The boy begins to explain that he is an envoy, but is cut short when Father Tres enters the room firing round after round. The boy is able to escape out the window but sustained a severe shoulder wound.

Not long after the commotion, the boy is sitting in an alley holding his arm when his comrade, Radu, finds him. The man removes the silver bullet and takes his friend to safety. "If I wasn't under orders of her majesty, I would have killed them all!" the young vampire said weakly.

It's morning the following day, and Father Nightroad informs Sister Esther that he is going to find the envoy. The young Sister wants to accompany him but is told to stay put. In the skies overhead, the flying warship, Raguel, arrives under the command of the Inquisition.

Later that day, the boy, who we now know as Ion, is having his wound tended to. When Radu leaves the room, an armed Sister Esther barges in. She and the boy tangle until Radu returns holding Sister Esther at knife point. Within minutes, Father Nightroad (faking a gun pointed into Radu's back) breaks up the confrontation. He gives Sister Esther a harsh slap, because he had told her earlier not to interfere. Then introductions are in order. Just when you think negotiations can be made, the Inquisition arrives in a war-like fury. Abel instructs Sister Esther to lead the two to safety while he causes a diversion buying time. (NOTE: They cannot go out into the sunlight for they will burn to death. Their exit will be through the sewers to the shoreline cave where a boat is prepared for their escape.)

While Esther tries to escort Ion and Radu to safety, Father Nightroad attempts to divert the invaders. He must bare the wrath of the Knight of Destruction (Brother Petros) and appears as if he has fallen to his death from a crumbling balcony.

Did Father Nightroad survive? (That's a silly question...it's only episode 12!) Oh and most importantly....Severed limb count = 0.