The Iblis II. Betrayal Blaze

The episode begins with Esther attempting to lead the two Vampires to safety. Much to Ion's surprise, Radu turns against him. Seems the man does not agree with the Empress in trying to make peace between the humans and Vampires. Just as Radu points his gun towards Ion, Father Nightroad pulls up in a speedboat. Bad timing Father...Radu blasts his gun at the unsuspecting priest. Luckily (or is it?) The Knight of Destruction (a.k.a. Father Petros) and his second in command (a.k.a. Lady of Death) show up. It appears that they've destroyed Radu when he plummets into the river in a pool of blood.

Meanwhile, as the two were fighting Radu, the good Father has brushed himself off and ushered Sister Esther and Ion onto the speedboat. Before they can get to safety, Father Petros jumps on the boat. Somehow they talk the Knight of Destruction into understanding why this young vampire needs to speak to the Cardinal.

Back in the city, Marshall Law has been declared due to the recent terrorist events. The Lady of Death is questioning Lady Caterina's reasoning. She says that not only vampires but also sympathizers of vampires should be destroyed. The Cardinal does not agree.

A short time later, young Ion has been ushered to safety, and Sister Esther is tending to his wounds. The boy, however, is very distraught at the betrayal of his only friend. Sister Esther claims she will be by his side as his friend. The two have erased any animosity they may have had towards one another. Father Nightroad and Father Petros arrive. They announce that they will take the boy to Lady Caterina in the morning.

In the underground sewers, Radu (looks like he survived) is satisfying his great thirst. Slowly making his way down the stone stairs comes a familiar face. Radu looks up and addresses the man as the puppet master.

Oooooo....something is brewing here, and it's not tea. Don't miss the next exciting episode.

Detached limb count: Seemed to be some slicing and dicing of Radu, but he survived.

The Iblis III. A Mark of Sinner

The city remains under Marshall Law, but the Inquisition's airship is behaving abnormally. It's firing erratically. Explosion after explosion rings out. From a distance Father Nightroad and Father Petros watch in wonder. Ion sits up stating he is ready to go. He asks Brother Petros to be his shield. Since Brother Petros hesitates in helping a vampire, Ion declares that when the mission is over, you can take my head. (Ion felt the mission was more important than his life.) Brother Petros agrees to be his lance for the people of Carthago. "When this is over, ALL heretics will be taken care of!" he says.

Back in the underground caverns, the Puppet Master (Dietrich) offers his assistance. He throws a disc down to Radu saying he can do as he wishes. However, before the Puppet Master leaves, he punishes Radu for failing to kill the Count of Memphis. While Radu is suffering, Dietrich recaps the plan; It's the Orden's plan to incite a war between the Empire and the Vatican. Therefore, the Cardinal and the Envoy must be killed by Terrans and Vampires. All contact between the Empress and the Cardinal MUST be prevented so they eventually turn against each other.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Caterina is in grave danger. The Puppet Master's new toys, the Autojaeger (with vampire corpses inside), are attacking. Father Tres is holding them off as best he can. One is about to strike Caterina and Sister Kate when The Lady of Death (Paula) arrives to save them. Sister Kate says they should use the Iron Maiden to stop the airship, but Lady Caterina says a battle over the urban area would cause harm to those living below.

Not far off, Sister Esther is driving as fast as she can through the city to deliver Ion to the Cardinal. They are stopped by.....Radu! He has taken over a Goliath Missionary Land Cruiser. Ion is surprised to see his former friend alive. Radu says the boy must die from a Terran attack."That way I'll incite hatred between the Terrans and the Methuselah's," he says.

Radu opens fire, but Brother Petros keeps his promise and shields the boy. Too bad Radu uses one of the machine's cannons and blasts the two. Brother Petros is sent flying, and Ion is left in a pool of blood. Sister Esther screams and cradles the boy. Just as Radu is about to finish the job, the Kresnik (Father Nightroad's alter ego) appears. He sucks Ion's blood and proceeds to destroy the land cruiser as well as the renegade airship. When things calm down, the Kresnik approaches Sister Esther. She screams at him to stop. The Kresnik lets out an agonizing cry knowing that he has frightened the young Sister.

The next day, a recovered Ion is able to complete his mission by meeting with the Cardinal. He asks if he could chose the envoys that will return with him to his country. The body of the Baron of Luxor (Radu) has not been found. Outside the room where the meeting is taking place, Father Nightroad apologizes to Sister Esther. "This is the mark of my sin," he says.

Severed Limb Count: The autojaeger's were annihilated but they were just corpses anyway.

The Night Lords I. The Return of Envoy

Hitching a ride on a flying freighter, Young Ion and Esther are returning to the boy's Imperial territory. As they approach, Ion explains the famous Lazuli Wall to the pretty Sister. It was built to help block out sunlight thus protecting the Methuselah's using miniscule fog-like particles that reflect the ultraviolet rays. Also on board is Father Nightroad who is dramatically playing up a case of food poisoning. (Don't worry he's fine!)

When they get to Ion's Mansion, the beautiful gardens never forewarn them of the horrific events taking place inside. Ion opens the grand doors to find the servants have been chopped to bits. When he gets to his Grandmother's room he finds ominous, cloaked men in gas-type masks carrying hatchets hovering over her bed. Blood is flowing from the bed sheets. Ion lunges at them in rage. He takes down one, but another gets the best of him. Luckily Esther arrives in time. Within a few seconds, Father Nightroad enters the room. Checking the dead intruders, he finds they were carrying bombs. He grabs the young Sister and the boy and jumps from a window just before the explosion.

Outside, they are surrounded by the Uni Cheli (they were soldiers who reported directly to the Empress). Seems they are taking orders from Lord Baybars now, and he is accusing poor Ion of causing the death of his grandmother and the destruction of her residence. Unfortunately, he can't prove why he returned without any prior notice. Father Nightroad, Esther and Ion are able to escape.

Silently, they arrive at the palace of the Duchess of Kiev, Imperial royalty. Ast catches them bumbling around outside. When she sees who it is, she treats them well for she had received orders from the Empress to protect the incoming envoys. It was almost as if the Empress foresaw what was going to happen.

A short time later, Abel slips out to meet with the one and only Mistress of the Empire, Augusta Vradica. He questions whether she is in fact....who she says she is. Braybras breaks up their talk chasing Father Nightroad away.
"That man... Could he be....?" The Mistress wonders.

Detached limb count: Ouch! Too many to count! They were using hatchets!