Priests packing unique. (I'm a gifted poet (^_~) hee, hee. Seriously though, why would these religious individuals use weapons as opposed to diplomacy? It is because they are members of the Vatican's Special Enforcement Division entitled "AX." It is up to them to keep the peace using whatever means necessary.

Why was such a group assembled?.... It is post Armageddon and from the depths of this war torn world "THEY" emerged. Humans call them vampires. As with any species, there are those who want to live their lives in peace, while others want total control. It is the latter's acts of senseless violence and terrorism that warrant the need for the members of AX.

Now that it is present day, can humans and vampires learn to co-exist, or is the world destined to enter another war repeating the devastation that occurred many hundred years ago. Basically that is the premise of this dramatic anime series that aired in Japan in 2005.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Trinity Blood contains some of the most beautiful CG that I've ever seen in an anime series. The character designs are quite stunning as well. However, the series itself can be very gruesome, which is why I like to call it "Infinity Blood." *Snickers* The violence even inspired me to add a severed limb count to the end of some of the episode summaries. But hey....don't let that deter you from tuning in and witnessing how this gripping series unfolds.

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