Shintaro Kosaka (The Chief)

English Voice Actor: Doug Stone

The Chief oversees operations at STN-J. He seems grumpy most of the time, but as episodes progress, his rapport with the police department make him a valuable asset. Small tidbit: he really enjoys his tea.

Touko Shinzaki

English Voice Actor: Mela Lee

Touko is Zaizen's only daughter. She was dating Amon until he was having difficulty concentrating on his job....then they decided not to see one another again. Touko was severely injured in the raid to hunt Robin. Although she survived, the mental scars caused her to be institutionalized for a while.


English Voice Actor: Lex Lang (*Hugs* To all informers!)

Nagira is Amon's older half brother. He is a lawyer/detective and runs his own company. Nagira is not a witch, however, he sympathizes with the oppression witches have had to endure through the centuries. He helps them whenever possible.

Shohei Hattori

English Voice Actor: Dave Mallow

Hattori takes care of the financial matters at STN-J. Guess you could really call him a gopher since he's always fetching something for the Chief.

Master (Yuji Kobari)

English Voice Actor: Jerry Gelb

Master is the friendly owner of Harry's. There is witches blood within him and his adult son. Unfortunately, his son was unable to control his and eventually pays with his life. Master often supplies valuable information to Amon. He immediately took a liking to Robin when she first came to STN-J.

Nagira's Secretary

English Voice Actor: Julie Ann Taylor (Thanks Emily!)

Nagira's secretary is so whinny that she's almost funny. She's helpful, but can be quite a nag.