Voice Actor: Dave Wittenberg

Sixteen year old Michael came to STN-J under less than normal circumstances. He was a hacker and enjoyed breaking into computers that were thought to be impenetrable. Although not malicious, he enjoyed leaving his little mark on the conquered systems.

One day Michael unexpectedly entered the system of STN. Unbeknownst to him, they were tracing his every move. Not long after, people broke into his apartment and would have killed him if it weren't for their boss. Zaizen gave Michael the opportunity to work for STN in exchange for his life. Other members of STN refer to him as held by a leash, because he must get Zaizen's permission to even leave the building.

Even though he is the only member who is NOT a witch, Michael is now a valuable asset to STN. His talents are used to acquire information needed to solve difficult cases. Attached to his computer is a picture of a girl.... whether she's a girlfriend or sister is unknown.