Voice Actor: Kari Wahlgren

Soft spoken Robin seems so mature for her fifteen years of life. She was sent to STN-J as a replacement for another member who was killed eight months ago ((~_^) was that the real reason??). She has incredible pyro-kinetic abilities, but needed special glasses for proper aim. After STN-J is attacked, Robin must go into hiding for it is believed she is the one they were after. The true motives will be revealed.....

Robin was raised in Italy by Father Juliano, who we learn later is her actual grandfather. Sadly, both her parents perished at about the time of her birth. You see, Robin's conception was far from natural. Using her mother (a witch) in his experiment, Robin's father performed genetic manipulation to create Robin...his "designer witch." Robin's mother felt the child would give hope for all witches, but others felt Robin was a "devil child".