Warning: Spoiler Alert!!

Witch Hunter Robin is a 26 episode series that aired in Japan from July thru December of 2002. With its intriguing plot and amazing 3-D computer graphics, there's no wonder why this series was licensed by Bandai Entertainment so quickly. Many have compared this anime to the live action television series, "The X Files". You will have to be the judge of that.

The story begins with the arrival of 15-year-old Robin Sena, who was sent to replace a recently deceased member of the organization STN-J (J representing Japan). It is the responsibility of STN-J to hunt and subsequently capture witches who are seemingly abusing their powers. The Japanese division of STN is different from other divisions as they try to take the witches alive. Once captured, the witches are held in a prison-like facility called Factory. It's there that they are tested to determine the nature of their special least that is what most members of STN-J are led to believe. In fact, there is a hidden agenda in capturing the witches alive, and anyone standing in the way must be eliminated.

What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted???



Witch Hunter Robin is a product of Sunrise with English adaptation under license by Bandai Entertainment. I'm just an insignificant fan. (^_~)