City of Howls

Tsume and his companions are initiating a train robbery.

Later...a beaten down sheriff (Quent) wanders into a tavern talking to the bartender about the legend of the wolves. His dog (Blue) sees Tsume in the city and recognizes him as a wolf.

Cher is monitoring the reactions of the life force...Cheza.

A white wolf (Kiba) wanders into the city in his true form. He viciously attacks some of Tsume's men, but is eventually shot and held captive.

Inspector Hubb and Cher investigate the wolf, believing him to be some kind of dog since wolves are believed to be extinct for 200 years.

Hige peers into Kiba's cage and convinces him to use a human form in order to escape. Kiba swallows his pride and changes to human form walking right past the police to freedom.

Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl

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Bad Fellow

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