Scars in the Wasteland

A long time has passed since Kiba and his pack left Freeze City. They have been traveling without food. Finally, they come across a dead dear to eat.

Paradise is a topic of discussion. Is it someone's dream or a rumor telling of a beautiful place full of pretty ladies and flowers.?

Tsume has had enough and separates from the group. Shortly after Toboe searches for him.

Back at Freeze City, Cher and Hubb have an anniversary dinner, however, it's the anniversary of their divorce. Cher tells Hubb she will be leaving for a vacation and kisses him goodbye.

Seems Tsume and the others were close to a deserted city, which was close to a former military facility. While searching for Tsume, Toboe triggers a tank-like mecha.

Tsume grabs Toboe right before he is blown away by the Mecha. Everywhere they run the mecha finds them....it's possible it is equipped with highly sensitive motion detection.

As the mecha is about to shoot Tsume, Kiba arrives and becomes a decoy. Just as your thinking that thing is undefeatable, Kiba manages to get it swept away by a landslide.

NOTE FROM JULIE: This is a very exciting episode...I'm sure everyone is going to love it!!!

Fallen Wolves

Kiba and the others arrive at a desolate town surrounded by water where the people fear outsiders. Kiba can barely smell the lunar flower.

The town is home for many wolves. Their leader's name is Zari.

Zari knows of Paradise...it is the place every wolf dreams of. A long time ago Zari and his pack attempted to travel the tunnels to where he believed was Paradise, but they failed. The tunnels were toxic and many of the wolves died.

At a graveyard-like area, Tsume and the others meet an elder wolf named Daisho who spoke of attempts to Paradise and why they remain in this ragged town.

Hige, Tsume, and Toboe are given food by a friendly female wolf by the name of Corr. She tells them to visit the train station the next day. Hige devours all the food when the others don't seem interested.

Kiba is beaten when he wanders alone through the town. Why?...because he called the wolves "dogs" for remaining in a place like this. (*Cringe*...Kiba, you've really got to learn to be more subtle.)

Tsume, Hige, and Toboe are horrified when they go to the train station and see that the wolves are used by humans to haul goods. Worse yet, Daisho has collapsed and died due to his age. A beaten and battered Kiba arrives and tries to charge at the humans, but he is stopped by Zari.

Zari explains that when the train comes, this is their only means of food. Kiba is disgusted at the life they have chosen. Zari sighs and says, "You're all so young."

NOTE FROM JULIE: Poor Kiba....his self-righteous attitude resulted in his brutal beating!!!


Toboe helps tend to Kiba's numerous injuries.

Kiba tells Tsume his history and why he searches for Paradise.

Corr admits to Zari that she had hoped those kids would have helped him come to his senses. Sadly, Zari recalls the day when his pack entered the tunnel hoping it would lead to Paradise. Poisonous gasses took the lives of many of his comrades, and they were forced to return to the village. He could not continue to cause more deaths. Corr says the machines which caused the gasses are no longer functioning...why doesn't he pursue it once more?

Hige is tricked into a trap by the other nasty members of Zari's pack. (Zari was not around at this time.) Luckily Toboe saw what happened and ran back to inform Tsume.

Tsume puts Kiba over his shoulder, and they run to confront Zari's pack in an effort to locate Hige. They face the pack in the street. Zari is outraged that they would turn against another wolf, but his pack is no longer taking orders from him. Zari is beaten as Corr and the others look on helplessly.....he refuses any help.

Zari helps Tsume and the others rescue Hige.

Back in Freeze City, Hubb faces Quent with the book, "The Lunar Tome." Quent tells Hubb he is leaving the city, and Hubb makes that decision as well.

A fallen Zari leads the young wolves down the tunnel, but he stops short. He believes that some are allowed to enter Paradise and some are not.....Zari returns to his desolate town with Corr by his side.