Flower Maiden

Darcia and Harmona are seen lovingly interacting among lush flowers and greenery. They profess their love for one another. That scene was before Harmona became very ill, which Darcia believes to be a result of the curse of Paradise. He believes only Cheza can save his Harmona.

Scene changes to Kiba and the others wandering a forest when they observe an aircraft under fire by another aircraft. It's Darcia's vessel under heavy pursuit from Lord Oakum's military. Aboard Lord Oakum's aircraft, Cher is monitoring Cheza....would you believe it has been one month since the flower maiden was taken from Cher's lab.

Darcia looks in horror as Cheza jumps from his aircraft and flutters to the forest below in the same manner that a flower would fall to earth. A little while later Darcia's aircraft appears to have been shot down.

Kiba senses Cheza is near and runs to find her. Her sees her in a beautiful spring surrounded by a rich flower meadow. Cheza embraces Kiba and the others as if she's known them all her life.

Cher continues to track Cheza's signal. Squadrons are sent to retrieve the flower maiden from Central Garden, but with Cheza's help, they are able to escape the soldier's bullets. Too bad some of Lord Oakum's men were not so lucky and suffered the wrath of the wolves' self defense.

NOTE: This episode gives you more information on the Darcia family and how Cheza came to be. It, also, shows you the bond that Kiba and Cheza share even though they have just met for the first time (or is it?).

Song of Sleep

A very elderly woman sings in a sunlit room. Several miles away, Cher tries to decipher Cheza's whereabouts. The Captain believes the boys that caused injuries to 10 of his men were Darcia's henchmen, but Cher wonders. She recalls how Cheza smiled while she was with them.

As our wolf heroes venture forth, Kiba and Tsume get into an argument whether Cheza should be trusted or not. Suddenly, beautiful singing is heard, which sends the wolves into a deep sleep. Each dreams of their happiest moments.

The next morning Kiba, Hige, and Toboe enter a city that is sprawling with military men. Hige and Toboe find items of clothing for Cheza to make her feel more comfortable. When they return to the forest where Cheza is, an elderly women follows them. Turns out she is a flower person as well. She calls Cheza "a masterpiece."

Cher is getting a heavy signal from the forest and decides to investigate herself. Soldiers, also, track the signal. The old women leads Cheza and the wolves to a hidden area (tree) of safety. She talks how she escaped from the castle and how the others withered away. In addition, she warned that Cheza should not go with the wolves as it will lead to destruction. Kiba demands they leave.

Back in the forest, the wolves (human form) surround Cher. She questions their identities...then sees Kiba's true form as he flees with Cheza. In the safety of the city's alleyways, Cheza asks if she can join them in their search for Paradise....one by one the wolves give their nod of approval....even Tsume.

Cheza returns to the hidden tree to say her final goodbye to the withering old women.

Meanwhile, a bus has stopped just below the city....it's Quent and Blue.