Moon's Doom

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Vanishing Point

Lord Oakum listens as a psychic chants a premonition of an apocalypse.

In the city, Hubb is scurried away from a transvestite hooker by a girl who had worked in the same laboratory as Cher. She tells how the lab was shut down by informants from the House of Lords, because Cheza was kidnapped. Hubb learns that Cher had left with an investigation team. Suddenly, Hubb is surrounded by Lord Oakum's officers....he is now a suspect!

Lord Oakum is surrounded by guards, but that didn't stop Jagara's combat unit from assassinating the royal Noble.

Cheza and the wolves wander through another desolate town, however, that doesn't bother them. Tonight is a full moon and their energy is soaring. Wolves gain strength from a full moon.....even Cheza is sparkling.

Hubb is brutally interrogated...."Why is he carrying around the forbidden book?" He is told Cher's, as well as his own, records no longer exist. The questioning is interrupted when alarms blare. The officers are informed that there's been an invasion, and Lord Oakum has been murdered. Hubb escapes during all the excitement.

Because of the invasion, the search for Cheza must be put on hold.

Cher wanders Darcia's castle surprised and impressed. The equipment is just as it was described in, "The Lunar Tomb." When Darcia catches up with her, he explains that he is going after Cheza for tonight is a full moon.

Evening falls and a full moon glows. The wolves dance and howl in it's glorious illumination. Flowers and greenery bloom in Cheza's presence paving a road to paradise. Their elation, however, is short lived when Darcia's vessel arrives. A force field and red blasts of energy severely injure our four wolf heroes. Cheza reacts to their blood. Kiba fights valiantly. Sadly, Cheza cannot stand to see them hurt and agrees to leave with Darcia. Kiba doesn't want her to leave, but she vows to protect them. Cheza uses her healing powers on each of her wolf friends, and then leaves silently with Darcia.

Hubb speeds away from the city in a beaten up vehicle. He drives off to find Darcia's aerial city. The full moon glows a crimson shade as his vehicle disappears into the night.

Don't Make Me Blue

Cher awakens in Darcia's Castle to the sound of alarms. She escapes.

A horrified Darcia returns to his Castle to find Jagara's men had been there. He experiences immeasurable grief after discovering Harmona's lifeless body. (Literally beating his head against the wall.)

In another run-down town, Kiba and the others discuss their next move. Suddenly, Blue is chased into the building by some unsavory looking men. Hige immediately comes to her aid especially since he finds her very attractive. In the confrontation, the men see Hige and the others true wolf form. "It's Darcia's curse!" they scream as the wolves run away.

The wolves come to rest at a dump. Hige is surprised to learn Tsume and Toboe know her. Blue explains how she and Quent split. Then she asks about Cheza.

Tsume and Toboe aren't very forgiving so Blue leaves. Hige goes chasing after her. Kiba tells Tsume and Toboe that it was Cheza who told Blue that she was half wolf.

Just outside of town, Hubb's vehicle breaks down. When he finally makes it to a tavern, Hubb is shocked to find out that Cher had been drinking with, none other than, Quent only a little while back. After a short discussion, Hubb leaves the tavern disgusted with Quent's drunken state. However, he eventually returns.

Back at the dump, Toboe goes off to look for Hige. Hige and Blue are standing on a bridge talking. Blue tells Hige of her past with Quent. She explains her happiness until the fateful day they returned to find everything up in flames and wolves standing around all of the debris. To this day it is unknown if the wolves really caused the disaster, but Quent believes they did. Hige lightens the conversation by bringing up his desires. He stops when he discovers Toboe eavesdropping. Suddenly, a gunshot rings out.

The men from earlier have caught up with Tsume and Kiba....this time they are carrying guns. They claim Jagara will pay a high price for wolves. Kiba and Tsume run.....soon encountering an elderly couple camping. Hige and the others meet up with them. At first the old man is hesitant to help them....he can see that they are wolves, but his wife can't. Kiba begs for their help explaining how they don't want to kill. When the evil men show up, they are tricked into believing the elderly man killed the wolves. Jagara doesn't want dead wolves, and the men leave.

Back at the tavern, Hubb and Quent discuss marriage after consuming a great deal of alcohol (funny!). In the end, Quent can see how much Hubb longs for Cher. They decide to head to the next town.

Meanwhile the elderly couple feed and nurture the wolves. Afterwards Kiba, Tsume, Hige, Toboe, and even Blue head West to Darcia's castle.