Men's Lament

A ragged-looking Cher travels on foot. She stops to gaze at Jagara's Fleet flying overhead.

Back in town, a hung over Hubb is trying to purchase a vehicle. He eventually buys a run down car from a sly young lad. The unusual twosome (Hubb and Quent) head to the next town.

Our young wolf heroes resolve to venture to Darcia's Castle. Blue reluctantly agrees to go as well.

Back to Quent and Hubb's road trip....we find Hubb has handed over the driver's seat to Quent, because his own head is pounding. Quent is given a pill to make him sober (Although there will be side effects....ha, ha...you'll see.). Quent takes the wheel while Hubb takes the bottle of liquor. "Leave some for me!" Quent keeps whining in despair. The two discuss their past.

Hubb talks about how he became a police officer, met Cher (love at first sight), and why they eventually divorced. (See character summaries.) A few hours later, both men stop the vehicle........Hubb had to vomit and Quent had to pee.

Evening falls, and the snow is making visibility impossible. Quent makes a sudden stop when it appeared that Blue had run past. Both men notice troops heading for their next battle.

The next morning Hubb takes over the wheel. That's when Hubb gets into more detail about Cher's work and Cheza. Soon...the car breaks down. A pretty song plays in the background as the men work to get it running again and be on their way.

When they reach the new town, Quent happens upon the elderly couple that helped Kiba and the others the day before. He helps get their mobile home moving, and they offer him a hot drink. That's when he learns that they had met with Blue.

As the sun sets, a dejected Hubb sits wearily on the edge of a broken down fountain after desperately searching for Cher. He looks up quickly to meet the eye of his beloved ex-wife (I can't even express how beautiful this reunion was....the music...their expressions....everything.). They embrace one another.

Later, the two have dinner. Cher tells Hubb she intends to go to Darcia's Castle. Hubb insists he go too.

Quent looks up in surprise when both Hubb and Cher enter their vehicle. The three head to the Castle.

Fallen Keep

The young wolves are trudging through a blinding blizzard. Hige is concerned for Blue and Toboe. They all resolve to "wait it out"....all except Kiba that is. He defiantly decided to press forward.

Not too far away, Hubb, Cher, and Quent are also making their way to Darcia's Keep. While Quent sleeps, Hubb and Cher discuss Cheza...particularly how Lord Oakum stole the flower maiden for research and ultimately entrance into Paradise. Seems the Flower Maiden is the key to Paradise. Quent awakens during their discussion saying, "If wolves rule the world, then let me go straight to hell!"

Kiba arrives at the castle. Inside, a grieving Darcia is informed of his arrival. Even Cheza feels the young wolf's presence. A short time later the rest of the wolves arrive. Blue picks up Quent's scent from the vehicle left parked outside the castle entrance.....seems everyone is here now.

Hubb and the other humans wander inside the castle in awe. Cher explains some of the mysteries of alchemy and how it relates to the nobles. At the same time Kiba has found his way to Cheza, but before they can embrace, Darcia draws his sword in anger. (I LOVE the dramatic music that plays during this scene!!!) A vicious battle ensues (Darcia feels cursed by wolves and Paradise).

Quent hears the confrontation and runs in it's direction....his rifle drawn. Just as Darcia solemnly declares there is no future for himself anymore, a gunshot rings out. Everyone runs towards the ominous noise. Darcia walks off as Quent takes aim at Kiba (in his wolf form). Blue screams for him to stop and places herself in front of Kiba. Imagine Quent's surprise to see her.

Suddenly, Jagara's aerial fleet attack! Darcia's Keep is getting torn apart by laser-type explosive rays. Hubb and Cher grab Cheza and run. When Jagara's men try to stop them, Blue helps...only to be struck down. Hubb, Cher, and Cheza are captured!

Kiba chases Jagara's departing fleet. At the same time Darcia holds his lifeless Harmona and watches as his castle is destroyed.

A quiet aftermath.....snow is falling lightly. Quent looks at the devastation while, in a different area, Toboe calls out for Kiba.

NOTE FROM JULIE: This is an episode you won't want to miss. The music alone is worth the watch!! Add in the excitement and drama, and you've got one great episode!!

Ashen Wolf

This episode is basically a recap of the events from the first three episodes as seen through Tsume's eyes. If you missed any of those episodes, then this will be a treat. If you've already seen them, then possibly you'll pick up on a few things you missed the first time around. If you don't want to see a recap, may I suggest getting some sleep (^_~).