Dream Journey

Similar to #15, this particular episode is again a series of recaps as seen through the eyes and narration of Toboe. It shows his encounter with the young Leara, as well as meeting Cheza for the first time. Sadly, no new footage is shown.

Scent of the Flower, Blood of the Wolves

Here we go again. Now it is Hige who recaps and narrates clips from prior episodes as seen through his eyes. Get the feeling the animators went on a long vacation, or maybe they just didn't think we were paying attention the first time around. (^_^)'.

Man, Wolves, The Book of the Moon

You've had some of the wolves...well now it's Hubb's turn to do a recap. This former husband of Cher recounts the events that have occurred to himself after meeting Quent. Even though it shows already seen footage, the episode is not a total waste since you do pick up bits of information on "The Book of the Moon." Seems the book tells of a scientific breakthrough left from the 1st generation Darcia Family, a family believed to have disappeared into Paradise.