A Dream of an Oasis

Kiba (in wolf form) chases Jagara's departing aerial fleet. A sonic beam from one soldier's weapon sends the young wolf plummeting to Earth. Even then, he continues the chase.

A while later, Toboe, Tsume, and Hige walk through the cold elements lamenting over Kiba's disappearance. Tsume suggests searching one more time, but Hige refuses...thinking it is a waste of time to search for Paradise. Just then Toboe picks up a familiar scent. He spots Quent's unconscious, frozen body. Toboe feels sympathy, because this man was very important to Blue. Then he reminds Hige that he couldn't save Blue. Hige becomes angry and sucker punches the young wolf/boy. Tsume stops their squirmish. Hige resolves to continue their search for Kiba.

Toboe tells the others to go on ahead, and he'll catch up. Then the young wolf nestles up to Quent in an effort to warm the frozen man. In his semi-unconsciousness, Quent thinks he is holding his child, Ruth.

Meanwhile, it almost seems as if Kiba has found Paradise as he wanders in a meadow of lush greenery and absolute beauty. He meets Myu. She is very friendly and explains that he is in a place where everyone can be free.

Tsume and Hige continue their search through the mountains. Tsume notices Jagara's aircrafts in the sky above them. He is surprised at how much knowledge Hige has of this particular noble. Not too far away Toboe ventures to catch up to the others. He suddenly comes under attack by native Indians from the Mon-Tribe. Tsume and Hige hear his howls and tackle the assaulting Indians. Tsume asks why they are collecting wolves. The Indian, known as Ihk, begins to laugh and says, "If you are wolves, just say so." Ihk apologized....he was looking for those responsible for attacking some of their friends the night before.

Ihk takes the three wolves to their village where they are treated very kindly. In the village, all living creatures are treated equally. They meet the elder chief who spoke of an old tale that has been passed down in the Mon-tribe for ages. Seems a long time ago, when humans were animals, there were also evil monsters. The Earth mother sent wolves from Paradise to Earth. The wolves killed the monsters, fought evil, and taught the ignorant and selfish animal-humans a great deal. Then the Wolves created humans from a part of their bodies. Sadly, he says, "If wolves set out to Paradise, the time has come for this world to collapse."

At the same time Myu walks with Kiba. A pretty song ("Run Wolf Warrior") plays as the young wolf surveys the beauty of the countryside. Kiba wonders if he's in paradise, and he and Myu begin to frolic around happily. Kiba begins to open up telling Myu of his past. Everything and everyone from the pack where he was born was destroyed. He was only a pup, but somehow he survived. He was found by an elder native Indian. As Kiba grew, so did a nagging feeling. He felt he must search for a place, and eventually the young wolf left to follow his destiny.

Back at the village, the wolves decide to search for Kiba once more....that's when Ihk tells them of the "Desert of Bones" just beyond the mountains. Even though it is just a vast desert, legend says that those who enter it experience bliss. They say one is led to an eternal garden, and whoever goes there never comes back. Toboe hesitates....he decides to stay with the Mon-tribe.

In the midst of the beautiful garden, Myu continues to lure Kiba. Will he give in to this lovely creature and perish? You just have to wait and see!


Kiba awakens to the sound of voices calling his name. He is surrounded in darkness. A wise owl looks at him curiously...unable to answer his resounding questions.

Back in the mountains, Toboe has decided to remain with Ihk and the tribe. Their kindness makes him feel as if he is already in Paradise. Tsume tells him to "take care", and he and Hige continue to the Desert of Bones.

In the Desert of Bones, Kiba slowly approaches Myu. While sitting next to one another, Kiba wonders who belongs to the voices he was hearing. Myu says that little by little he will forget the past, but not to worry, she will always be by his side.

Toboe has a flashback: Granny has prepared their meal and calls for him. He playfully jumps on the frail woman, and because of that, she is unable to breath. The old woman dies leaving Toboe in despair. Ihk's horse (a talking horse....of course, of course....I watched too many Nick at Nite reruns) asks him why he didn't continue to search for Paradise....this snaps Toboe back to reality. Toboe admits the truth.....he felt as if he was holding everyone back.

Just beyond the mountains, Tsume and Hige can see nothing but dry wasteland. Suddenly, a military vehicle comes into view...."It's Jagara's troops!" Tsume thinks it's funny how they seem to know where wolves are hiding. In the village, Toboe senses the impending danger as well. He informs Ihk, and the two rush off to help Tsume and Hige.

Soldiers exit the military vehicle and peer into a make-shift, plant-like hut. Before they can grab their target, Tsume and Hige attack. It's an exciting battle that ends quickly when Ihk and Toboe arrive to assist. They are shocked to find that an emaciated Kiba lays inside the hut. Ihk tells them not to go any closer as the plants surrounding the hut are poisonous....paralyzing the young, unconscious wolf inside. Ihk is able to grab Kiba, and they return to the village hoping the elder chief can retain the young wolf's spirit.

Evening falls. Inside a teepee, the elder chief uses his chants and incantations to bring Kiba back from near death. It is working, and Myu realizes that Kiba has been found. She sadly says her goodbyes, while admitting they are not truly in Paradise.....it was a place where time stands still. The beauty of his visions disappear as reality takes hold. The others are relieved.....he has come back.

Later outside the teepee and underneath a crimson moon, Tsume, Hige, and Toboe agree to continue their search when their friend has recovered. Shortly there of, Kiba exits the teepee himself....feeling better after a long sleep. The elder chief tells that the place he'd been was called the "Garden of Eternity." When the others asked what happened there, Kiba admits he met a nice woman....their reactions are priceless. And now it's time to leave. Before they part, Ihk echoes, "The Spirit Is With You." Then Toboe asks one more favor.

Ihk finds Quent starving but lucid. He gives the old man liquid medicine, which must have been some kind of alcohol, because Quent guzzled down every drop. When told it was a wolf who wanted him saved, Quent told Ihk he thought wolves were ruthless demons. Ihk handed him some food vowing to keep his promise no matter what the person was like.

A lone howl rings out as if telling Toboe....mission accomplished.

Battle's Red Glare

Amidst a blizzard, Kiba and the others run towards flashing lights. Suddenly they stop dead in their tracks....they spot a domed city where a battle is taking place.

Jagara's troops are conquering another city. Even though most humans think that wolves were extinct for years, rumors are spreading stating that Jagara is searching for wolves to suit their own purpose.

The troops sent by nobles (the late Lord Oakum) are questioning why they are fighting a losing battle. They are told they shouldn't question orders and are sent into the battlefield. It's a vicious battle with many lives taken on both sides.

Kiba and the others watch from a distance wondering why the humans are fighting. Hige announces that it's Jagara's army, which sends Kiba running towards the city. Our four wolf heroes attack Jagara's men saving the Noble's Captain. Hige recognizes him as one that was pursuing them and Cheza in another city. Kiba demands to know where Cheza is. The elder Captain admits he thought that Cheza was with them. When Kiba says she was taken, the Captain finally understands why his troops were attacked. He tells Kiba that they should head to Jagara's castle if they want to find Cheza. The castle is just a little ways past the Ocean of Drifting Ice.

The Captain asks Kiba if they really plan on fighting Jagara's men by themselves. Kiba answers, "I protect the being that needs me." The Captain tells his surviving men to gather up A-group and B-group from the dome, they will advance upon Jagara to support their new comrades....the wolves.

Meanwhile, Cheza and Blue are caged inside a military vehicle heading towards Jagara's castle. Blue feels she hasn't been able to protect the ones she loved and thus vows to protect Cheza no matter what.

In another of Jagara's vehicles, Cher and Hubb are bound and shackled. Hubb tells Cher that he had heard at the interrogation that their records had been erased....meaning no record of their marriage or divorce. Through adversity, they plan what they would like to see happen once out of captivity. (Will there be a happily ever after?) Suddenly, a jolted stop assists in their escape. They find and release Cheza and Blue. One of Jagara's men sees them and grabs Cheza. Blue fights him enough so that Cheza is freed and grabbed by Hubb. Hubb is unable to run far when a huge airship appears and transports him and Cheza aboard (Star Trek anyone?). Right after, Jagara's men succumb to the Noble's military.

Cher and the Captain discuss the situation. Cher asks for a vehicle so she may head to Jagara's Castle. The Captain says he will head to Freeze City even though it was completely taken over by Jagara's military. The elder man claims this will be his last battle...and says "I will be fighting for an existence that I must protect."

NOTE: Exciting episode! Looks like almost everyone is heading for Jagara's Castle for a final showdown.