Pieces of a Shooting Star

It's cold and dismal for Quent. He is standing with a large group of people waiting to be transported to the city where Jagara's Castle resides. Once inside the back of a truck, one frightened man repeats, "The world is ending." A would-be thief nearby gets annoyed, grabs the shivering man, rams a handgun into his mouth, and fires. A young child cries in horror irritating the thief even more. Just as he is about to turn the gun on the child, Quent intervenes. Their scuffle results in the murderous thief falling (or pushed) out of the truck. Quent is left holding the man's id necklace.

Not too far off, Cher and Blue are venturing towards Jagara's Castle as well. Cher asked why Blue left the old man. Staring out the vehicle's window, Blue sadly admits that she is a creature that Quent hates the most. Both females agree that their priorities are to save Cheza and Hubb.

At Jagara's Castle, Hubb has been taken into custody with many other men. When he saw Cheza carried off for experimentation, the former officer gets knocked unconscious for getting out of line.

Meanwhile, Kiba and the others are crossing an ocean of ice. Toboe, although clumsy, is doing a pretty good job keeping up with the others. Hige, of course, is thinking of his stomach. Soon young Toboe begins to lag behind.

Hubb awakens in a grey, damp prison. An elder wolf in a nearby cell notices his scent and strikes up a conversation. She explained how wolves are taken to the halls of Jagara and killed....then she asked why Hubb smells so good. He answered, "it must be Cheza's scent". "If the flower maiden has come," the elder wolf said, "it must be the end."

The young wolves continue to travel forward, but now poor Toboe is getting tired. They come across a massive amount of bones....what could have caused this? That's when they noticed Toboe had cut himself....a bad sign since who knows what may be attracted to the smell of blood. They quicken their pace, but soon Toboe lags behind again. When he briefly rests after falling on his face, Toboe is suddenly attacked by a huge walrus. The others come to his aid...biting and clawing at the beast. At one point, Kiba's leg is pierced by the tusk of this gigantic creature. Toboe is so frightened he is unable to move. Then....as if to say, "I WON'T RUN AWAY ANYMORE!!", Toboe charges at their foe sinking his jaws into the beast's face. The walrus writhes in pain and plummets into the ocean's watery depths dislodging Tsume and Hige. To their horror, Toboe remains on the creature even when it crashes through icebergs and sinks deeper and deeper into the water. In one last effort for survival, the walrus crawls up to the surface and throws the young wolf off. The creature spills his last blood and collapses. Before he dies, the walrus claims to be their savior. What does that mean?....Well....Dinner is served, and Toboe will be the first to indulge.

Speaking of dinner....Jagara is given what appears to be the body and blood of a wolf. A shackled and submerged Cheza looks on in agony. Jagara sneers, "That beast will appear."

Heartbeat of the Black City

Cher and Blue head to Jagara's Castle in Lost City. They are concerned for Cheza's safety.

In Lost City, security guards are monitoring the hordes of people waiting to gain access. The surveillance cameras beep when Quent passes through...seems the I.D. he acquired from the last episode gives him special privileges. Moving escalators take him directly to the city avoiding areas of sewers and waste. Cher and Blue have also arrived and are traveling on a different escalator.

From a sewage entrance, Kiba and the others enter the dome. Funny how Hige seems to know exactly where to go. He chalks it up to instinct, but how? They break into two groups; Hige and Toboe will gather information (or food?), and Kiba and Tsume will search for the castle.

Meanwhile, Cher and Blue were unable to get into the city without an ID. They are wandering outside and approached by two flirtatious punks. When the two get a little amorous, Blue must demonstrate her agility and strength. Mildly beaten but impressed, the punks skate off to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Inside the castle, Jagara is informed that #23's signal was confirmed within Lost City. She is aware that #23 has brought her the wolf that will lead them to Paradise and wonders what he is like. The scene cuts to Hige who has surprisingly led Toboe right into the city.

Quent, too, is wandering the beautiful and bustling city. He finds his way to a bar and orders a vodka. Many of Jagara's soldiers are in the bar as well. The soldiers are boasting the defeat of Lord Oakum's remaining troops. Quent, also, overhears them joking about the cop that they threw in jail....the one who had the flower maiden. Not only that....but he is shocked to learn that these soldiers were wolf hunters and recently received a "mission complete" instruction from Jagara herself.

Outside the bar, Hige and Toboe continue to venture through the city. Hige's head begins to hurt, and the pain becomes worse as he slowly tries to regain some memories. He runs off distancing himself from Toboe.

Kiba and Tsume, on the other hand, have run into the two punks Cher and Blue had an encounter with. After a confrontation, the four get down to business. The outcome....the boys will show Kiba and Tsume how to enter Jagara's castle without being detected. The boys lead them to the cables attached to the castle....the ones that transport energy to the city. (Not too far away, Blue and Cher have gotten their ID's, from some shady dealer.)

The final scenes of this episode show Hige's anguishing headache. He tries to run from two soldiers, but ends up slumped against a building. Jagara's men approach him, look at his collar, notice no other wolves are with him, and walk away. Hige is safe, but wonders...."why?"

Scent of a Trap

This episode opens showing Hige's encounter with the soldiers. Then it cuts to Cher and Blue who are able to enter the city with their new ID tags. Another man wasn't so lucky...his tag was a fake.

There are many scene changes: We see Hige staring at the surveillance cameras and holding his head. Then it shows poor Toboe wandering the city....lost. Kiba and Tsume are in the castle....Tsume is feeling great apprehension. Last, there are scenes of Cher and Blue trying to find a way to the castle, but the city people are not at all helpful. They are led to a bookstore by a talking cat.

Once inside the bookstore, an old man shows the ladies a map. Seems the castle and the city itself receives power from a moonlight power plant. Cher purchases the map, but leaves frustrated, "doesn't anyone care about what's happening outside this city?" Not far away, Toboe has a brief run in with Quent, while Hige continues to suffer.

The map hasn't provided much help. Cher and Blue hit another dead end. That's when they are approached by three soldiers asking where they are from. When Blue says "Curious", the soldiers snicker recalling how easily THEY were able to burn it to the ground. Seems the men were led to that town on one of their wolf hunts. Blue is outraged by their lack of remorse. She attacks the soldiers and escapes allowing Cher to slip away as well.

Once Blue is distanced from the soldiers, she finds a collapsed Hige. She tells him what relief she is feeling knowing the wolves were not responsible for attacking their village. Hige begins to act strangely...desperately wanting to leave the city. He realizes the cameras are watching his every move. Hige grabs Blue and runs.

Inside the castle, Kiba and Tsume have been separated. Kiba enters a room to find dozens of soldiers waiting for him. Tsume enters another room exhibiting caged and stuffed wolves with numbered collars (this is when he realizes the truth about Hige). A steel cage drops over Tsume. At the same time, Soldiers using stun guns have captured Toboe as well.

Kiba is not captured without a fight. He leaves a trail of bloody bodies and inches his way closer to Cheza, however, the poor white wolf is severely injured. Can he make it?

NOTE: A very exciting and dramatic finish after a slow beginning.