False Memories

Episode begins with exciting flashbacks from the last. After the intro, we see Hubb awaken (in prison) to the sound of methodical pounding. It is Tsume trying to beat through the prison bars. The elder woman/wolf tells him not to hurt himself unnecessarily as her whole pack, as well as many other wolves, were locked up and none were able to escape. "The only ones that weren't imprisoned", she continued, "were the ones with the collars.... They sold out their own kind."

Hige and Blue continue to run down the back city streets. A piercing noise/pain enters Hige's head once again, causing him to collapse. Blue cradles him in her arms fearful that he is leaving her. When he wakes, Hige asks Blue to take off his collar, but unfortunately, she is unable to. That's when Hige admits to Blue that his memories have been all wrong. At the same time, the elderly wolf is telling Tsume exactly what happened to her pack.

Soldiers tracking Hige's signal turn a corner and find the two wolves. Blue attacks, but a bullet grazes her shoulder. Hige joins the fray. As luck would have it, a bullet hits his collar releasing him from his own agonizing jail. He grabs Blue and runs.

Back at the prison, Toboe is roughly thrown into a cell. Then the soldiers turn their attention to the elder wolf and blast her with their weapons. Huge, Tsume and Toboe watch in horror as she is dragged away to die. When Tsume and Toboe begin to converse, Hubb must rub his eyes to make sure what he is seeing is true. He realizes they are wolves in human form. Toboe asks why Hubb (a human) is imprisoned. When Hubb tells them Cheza had been with him, the wolves try harder to break through their bars.

Inside the castle, Kiba is inching his way up a vast array of stairs trying his best to get to Cheza. Jagara knows he is coming and welcomes him as the one chosen by the flower. She places a barrier around the beautiful white wolf and instructs Cheza to awaken.

Along the city streets, Cher searches for Blue. She notices soldiers packing huge trucks full of provisions. Not too far away, a drunken Quent makes a scene proclaiming wolves are everywhere. He is kicked and beaten by several soldiers and left laying in the street. "No time to deal with random people," they say, "Paradise is about to be opened."

A little while later, Cher has found her way to the castle, but is staying out of site. She sees Darcia walk by and follows him. All of the guards collapse as he passes....allowing him to enter freely.

Jagara prepares herself for the last ritual....to feed Kiba's living blood into the Lunar Power Plant. Even though they are not near one another, Cheza and Kiba communicate in their own way. Kiba asks Cheza to sing for him....her voice can be heard throughout the city. Jagara enters the huge room where Cheza is submerged in a spherical prison. The room is filled with people, and applause rings out as she enters.

Outside the Castle, Hige has made a decision to save the others, but he refuses to let Blue come. "If I know you are waiting for me," he says, "I will definitely make it back!" Blue nods a goodbye as Hige follows the pipes into the Castle.

Meanwhile, Jagara's dancing and celebration are interrupted when Darcia enters the room. Everyone but Jagara collapses upon his entry.

In another room, a weakened Kiba moans out Cheza's name.

Moonlight Crucible

A beam of light emanates through the atmosphere. It's been 200 years since the day of destruction invoked by Darcia the 1st. Using the Lunar Tome as a guide, Jagara feels she has everything to open Paradise for the Nobles; the moon flower, the chosen wolf, and the Moonlight Power Plant that has been powering the city.

Jagara watches as Darcia slowly approaches. Cher, in the meantime, makes her way to Cheza. Both Darcia and Jagara remove their masks. It appears as if Darcia is staring into the face of his precious Harmona, but Jagara is actually Harmona's twin sister. She asks Darcia to join her in a dance to celebrate the opening of Paradise. Outside the Palace, Lost City is losing power. Blue watches from the shadows as citizens begin to panic.

At the prison, Hubb notices that whenever the lights dim, the electronic locks weaken. He tells Tsume and Toboe to wait until the lights go out and then ram the doors. Guess who shows up just as they are able to get the doors open?....It's Hige. Toboe is happy to see him, but Tsume is bitter and angry about Hige's deception. After a brief argument, Hige turns and heads to the castle, "There is something I have to do," he says.

Lost city has become dark and deserted. Blue is able to pick up Quent's scent. She finds him pretty beaten up. When he becomes coherent, Blue asks where he is from (this is a means of telling him it was Jagara's wolf-hunting unit that burned down Curious and NOT the wolves.). Quent does not believe her, but eventually turns to see that the beautiful woman he was talking to is his precious Blue. They have a tearful reunion.

Back at the palace, Cheza bids goodbye to Kiba...it is time for her to wither. Hearing this, Kiba gains strength and breaks out of his bindings. As he is running to find Cheza, the episode shows flashbacks of Darcia the 1st and his crafted paradise.

Darcia the 3rd and Jagara begin a bloody battle. She stabs him with her dagger just as the Palace begins to crumble (Ouch! Look out...a woman scorned....she, too, was in love with Darcia!). They draw swords, but Darcia weakens, because Jagara's dagger was covered in poison. Just before Jagara can finish off the man she loves, Hige attacks her. The beautiful Noble throws her sword at the wolf and causes a devastating, bloody wound. A distraught Cheza suddenly feels Kiba's presence. Everyone turns to see the white wolf standing at the door. He charges at Jagara saying, "I'm going to reclaim our Paradise." Although injured, Hige is determined keep his promise. The two wolves inflict damaging wounds on Jagara, but the final blow came from Darcia. He gained enough energy to pierce the woman through the heart ending her reign forever.

Darcia turns to Kiba acknowledging the young wolf as the chosen one. He walks out echoing, "Come now, Paradise is waiting for us."

The episode ends showing explosions and destruction.

Soul's Whereabouts

An ominous figure opens the "Book of the Moon" and begins to read: The time has come for this world to end. It's as if the ice is purifying this world in order to return to the beginning of time.

Jagara's once safe haven has become a deadly shambles. It is no longer protected from the elements. Her troops use the ultimate means in disposing of looters, thugs, and even innocent people. The streets are paved in blood.

Hige and the others return to the spot where Blue had been only to find that she's not there. Hige is more than just a little disappointed. Cheza tries to heal his wound, but the large wolf asks Kiba to make her stop. Kiba lends Hige his help as they continue their journey to Paradise.

Away from the city, Blue follows Quent closely. They make peace with one another. Suddenly a car appears out of nowhere. Blue stands in its path and waves for it to stop, but the vehicle continues at full speed. Quent pushes Blue out of its way only to be hit himself.

Not too far off, Cher and Hubb walk protected from the bitter cold by a tattered blanket. They spot a vehicle in the distance. As they get closer, they find the corpses of three men...possibly looters...who became greedy and most likely killed one another. Hubb starts the engine and turns to Cher....."Where do we have to go?"

Some time later, Hubb slams on the brakes when he sees Quent and Blue lying in the road. Cher doesn't believe Quent's injuries are life threatening, but it will take him time to recover. They build a fire and rest for a while. Cher tells Hubb that she has seen the fake Paradise and probably only wolves would be allowed to enter the real one. Hubb pulls out a large cigar he had found in the vehicle saying, "This was probably meant to celebrate Paradise." Once on the road again, Cher tells Hubb she believes the reason they couldn't conceive is because the world knew it was going to end. She gave up all hope for a future. Hubb responded by saying he never thought they would be together like this again. His dream became a reality. "No matter what happened to the world, I want to believe in the future," he said. Blue suddenly orders them to stop the car.

Hige (in wolf form) collapses....he can go no further. From the horizon, he can barely make out the voice and silhouette of Blue running towards him. What a beautiful reunion they have....one that renews Hige's strength. Hubb and Cher drive up. Wolves and humans resume traveling along side one another.

Suddenly a flash from above causes the land to crumble. The vehicle slides and flips on its side finally coming to a screeching halt. Those inside exit. Cher hands Cheza to Hubb. As he is walking away, the ground disintegrates below the vehicle before Cher is able to climb free. The vehicle and Cher plummet down a huge ravine. Hubb can only watch helplessly.

Once everyone has made it down to the bottom of the ravine, Hubb cradles Cher in his arms. He tearfully tells her plans for their beautiful future....they will make a baby, bake bread, and maybe even nurture a bird. She returns a weak smile as life escapes her. Hubb is left crying tears of agony while Cheza and the wolves look on. (Oh gosh, my eyes are welling up just typing this.) Not long after, Hubb gingerly places Cher's lifeless body in the freezing water. It sinks slowly...preserving her beauty in its liquid grave. Afterwards, he uses all his strength to lift the vehicle....the wolves join him. They are able to get it back on its wheels. Hubb tells Kiba he will take them to Paradise.

Note: This episode is painful; your eyes hurt from crying, your throat hurts from that choked-up feeling, and finally, your heart hurts from breaking. Heed that warning and keep the tissues close by.