Remorseful Gunfire Sound

Hubb and the wolves are making their way to Paradise. In back of the vehicle, Quent dreams of the fateful day when his family was killed. Suddenly, he begins to gasp for air. Hige calls up front for help. Hubb stops the vehicle, crawls into the back, and begins administering CPR to Mr. Yaiden. Cheza helps by giving mouth to mouth resuscitation. Miraculously Quent begins to breath on his own, but Cheza passes out from the strain. After a short break, they all continue on their journey.

In back of the traveling vehicle, Toboe tells Blue of the time he was held tightly by Quent in the mountains. The elder man had almost froze to death and was delusional. Toboe warmed him (Remember that episode?). Toboe knew then that Blue was very special to this man and felt a bit jealous. Knowing this, Blue asked Toboe if he would watch over Quent if anything happened to her. Not long after this conversation the vehicle conked out. Hubb grabbed Quent and everyone ventured forward on foot.

Late that day (or is it evening?), Quent regains consciousness. He is unable to focus, but feels the presence of many around him. Blue and Hubb tell him they are traveling with the young wolves as well as the flower maiden. He unsteadily gets to his feet and walks off in disgust declaring Blue is no longer his dog. Hubb runs off to try and reason with the old man. (Their conversation leads you to believe that Quent did this so he wouldn't be a burden to Blue.) Poor Hubb....too much pressuring made Quent knock the younger man cold using the back of his rifle.

At the same time Hige approaches a brooding Blue. She has made a decision to follow Hige wherever he may go. Blue believes that being a half wolf will keep her out of Paradise. Hige believes his working for Jagara may keep him out as well. The two embrace and resolve to stay together until the end.

Meanwhile Quent is braving the cold winds on foot while recalling the wolves attack on his family. He cannot believe that it was all Jagara's men and distinctly remembers the wolf with the single golden eye (could it be?). In the distance he sees a huge black wolf.....the one with the golden eye. Not far away our wolf friends hear the sounds and explosions of Darcia. Hubb, too, awakens to a ground shaking snowy aftershock which seems to swallow him up. Cheza asks to be taken to the spot where the explosion originated. Before they leave, Tsume instructs Toboe to find the men, while he finds Hige and Blue.

Through the relentless winds, Toboe has found Mr. Yaiden. The young wolf begs the man to reconsider and even admits that he loves humans. Suddenly, the winds diminish and standing before them is a bleeding Darcia the 3rd. Quent recognizes the golden eye and asks if he is wolf or human. Darcia says,"neither." The noble wants to rid the Earth of what he calls "filthy organisms," and points his pistol at Quent. Quent raises his rifle at Darcia. Angry snarls emit from Toboe (in wolf form). A gunshot echoes across the plains. Toboe's limp body falls to the ground in slow motion. Quent looks on in saddened horror. He drops his rifle and staggers to the fallen boy (wolf). Darcia stands above the remorseful man who is now sobbing over Toboe. Another gunshot rings out.

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High Tide, High Time

The bullet meant for Quent is deflected when Toboe awakens, lunges at Darcia, and bites deeply into the man's arm. Darcia claims he no longer feels pain due to Jagara's poison gnawing away at him. He tosses Toboe's body aside. Quent quickly grabs his pistol and shoots Darcia in the shoulder, but the man barely flinches.

"You are wolves that degenerated into humans and were kicked out of Paradise," Darcia says, taking aim at Quent once again. "You can't change back into your old form anymore." This time the noble shoots Quent point blank in the chest.

Darcia has disappeared leaving the mortally wounded Quent and Toboe. The young boy/wolf slowly edges his way to the old man. He apologizes for not keeping his promise to Blue (protecting Quent) and asks if he can rest by the elder man's side. Toboe's last breaths are taken dreaming of Granny and the past. Quent finally realizes it was Toboe who saved him in the mountains. The elder man's life is slipping away while he slowly caresses Toboe's (in wolf form) lifeless body. (Gulp....get those tissues.) Tsume, Kiba, and Cheza find the bodies. Tsume grieves, and Kiba runs off to find the culprit.

Meanwhile, the loud ravaging winds make it difficult for Hubb to find the others. He turns suddenly to see Darcia right behind him (scary). The noble grabs Hubb by the throat and lifts. Kiba (in wolf form) arrives in time to save Hubb. Kiba asks, "You have the stone that opens Paradise, what are you waiting for?"
"You," Darcia says walking away.

A short time later, everyone has made their way to Quent and Toboe. Cheza and Hubb cry. Blue and Hige are tearful, horrified and saddened. Quent is able to give Blue one last smile. When darkness falls, Kiba says they must get going. Cheza agrees. "The Tree of Beginnings is there," she says. Everyone decides to go as far as they can even if they can't get into Paradise. Tsume tells them to go ahead. He wants to offer some last words to his fallen friend before leaving.

Tsume talks tenderly to Toboe, hoping somehow to be heard. Opening up, he tells how his scar is the mark of his sin. Seems he had run away when members of his pack were attacked and killed. As a result, he was kicked out. After that, the lone wolf felt he didn't need friends. That is....until he met Toboe and the others. Tsume asks a deceased Quent to look after Toboe and tearfully leaves to catch up with Kiba.

The others have been climbing the frigid mountains hoping to get to the Tree of Beginnings. When they get to the tree, Cheza absorbs the life it offers her. A luminous, colorful aura lightens the sky. Hubb is in awe. He pulls out "The Book of the Moon" and exclaims, "This is the Door of the Seal." It was erected by the aristocrats to seal the Wolves' Paradise. Kiba says they must get to the entrance before Darcia or there will be no future for them. Blue asks how the book describes Paradise, but Hubb notices the last pages are blank. Cheza points upward. She says the Mountain of Beginnings is the entrance to Paradise.

The mountain is steep, icy and the air is thin. Hubb is having trouble keeping up. As he is climbing, the ground shakes causing him to lose his grip. He clutches the jagged ledge while dangling off the edge. Kiba calls down to him. Hubb refuses the young wolf's help saying it looks like this is as far as he goes. "I believe that you will open the new world," Hubb says before falling. The next scene shows the former police officer falling in slow motion. At one point, Tsume tries to reach out for him, but it's no good. Hubb's body hits the icy, hard ground with a thud. The broken man has enough life in him to place the cigar in his mouth and clutch the scarf he had once warmly given to Cher.

In the eerie silence a deep voice echoes,
"And then the beast appears."
Kiba turns suddenly to look into the eyes of a huge black wolf.

NOTE: One last episode.....Who will enter Paradise?

Wolf's Rain

The huge, ominous wolf stares down at Kiba and the others. Hige looks up shocked that Darcia had become.........a wolf! The noble-turned-wolf tells them that they will not find happiness in paradise, because there is none of creation's sadness, misfortune or death. He says the paradise that lies ahead is just for wolves...there are no dirty humans anymore. This enrages Blue as she knows it was him who killed Quent.

Darcia (wolf form) edges his way down demanding Cheza to come with him. Kiba yells, "Don't come any closer!" Darcia just sneers before the black and white wolves fight. It's a bloody battle with each of them sinking their fangs into one another. Darcia eventually immobilizes Kiba and heads down to Cheza. An injured Hige stands in his way. Before the Black wolf can get to the flower maiden, Blue crashes into him sinking her teeth into Darcia's mid-section. He retaliates injuring Blue severely. Hige tries to help, but Darcia tosses his body away like a rag doll. Darcia stands over Blue torturing her already injured body before administering a deadly bite. Her blood spills freely, while Hige can only watch helplessly.

Kiba returns to face Darcia, and Hige manages to bite into one of his legs. The next thing you see is Hige's blood spilled all over the snow....a painful yelp echoes down from the mountain. Darcia then grabs Cheza in his mouth, her plant-like green blood begins to flow. He runs off. Hige, although badly hurt, orders Kiba to go after him. Hige crawls his way to Blue. Her vision is blurred, but she knows he is with her. He tells her they can stay together like this forever and caresses her head. The last thing she feels is the warmth of his hand (paw?).

Not far off Tsume heard the yelps of his comrades and came running. He is shocked to find a severely wounded Hige and a lifeless Blue. Barely clinging to life himself, Hige tells Tsume that Darcia has taken Cheza. He then begs Tsume to finish him off. The grey, scarred wolf doesn't want to, but Hige insists he is suffering. Tsume reluctantly ends the large wolf's pain. "Let's meet up again in Paradise," Hige whispers through dying breaths.

Darcia has made his way up the mountain. He turns and faces the approaching Kiba throwing Cheza aside. He says he will open the door to Paradise. Kiba says he wont let him .... for he will only open darkness. Again the two fight viciously.... Darcia is about to take a bite out of Kiba when Tsume joins the fray. Kiba notices Cheza is making her way to an opening in the mountain. He goes after her while Tsume stops Darcia from pursuing them. It isn't long before Darcia inflicts mortal wounds on Tsume as well.

Kiba is unable to stop Cheza from dropping into the mountain's mouth. Darcia leaps past Kiba and into the mountain as well. Kiba turns to find Tsume. Tsume says he is just tired not revealing the true extent of his injuries. Kiba wants to help him, but Tsume insists he go after Darcia. Just after Kiba leaves, Tsume's injuries take their toll."Let's meet up again in Paradise," he says before slumping over to die. Kiba sadly grits his teeth after hearing a lone howl....he, too, jumps into the mountain's darkness.

They have made their way to the place where the real Paradise is opened, a place closest to the moon.

"Why were you trying to become a wolf?" Kiba asks. Darcia (now in human form) says the aristocrat's Paradise is nothing but a fake....a mere illusion. Harmona is not there or anywhere. With the stone he was able to recall the wolf inside of him. He spits out the stone that shatters then transforms to a wolf once again. The black wolf continues to talk. He says how this world has wolves and those who were made from wolves. He says it's clear why Kiba came this far, his pack was killed, and he was the only survivor. Darcia claimed Kiba never belonged to a pack....a lone wolf. If he had stayed alone, then he would've opened Paradise by now. Kiba disagrees. More blood is spilled as the two go at it once more.

Meanwhile, Cheza seems to be taking root. As if pulling a weed, Darcia plucks and tosses her aside. Kiba begs him to stop, but the black wolf just snickers, stops suddenly, and vomits green liquid. Cheza says she has poison flowing through her body...."You're not protected by the flower, that's why the poison got to you." Darcia's breathing is labored as he inches his way forward. "This is the entrance to Paradise," he smirks. As he steps forward to enter, the huge black wolf's body is destroyed in a midst of billowing, thunderous light leaving behind one lone golden eye (yuck) that slowly freezes into the Earth around it.

Kiba gradually inches his way to Cheza, and the two embrace. Cheza says, "Soon the world will freeze over and close. Soon this one will disappear." She continues by saying this is not her true self.
"True self?" Kiba asks.
"This one can finally become it. The world will close one time. That's why we have to part one time."
"What am I supposed to do? I don't have anything left to protect." Kiba says.
"We were able to meet because the flower protected you. The flowers can bloom again because you protected me. That's why we can meet again when Paradise, the next world, has been opened. (Plant and wolf's blood are mixing together.) I'll always wait for you Kiba, Please find me. (A tear falls.) And then, we'll have what we've been searching for, our Paradise."

And with that, Cheza disintegrates into thousands and thousands of seeds. Kiba is left with just her shredded clothing. Kiba's cries of frustration echo throughout the frozen land.

Snow has begun to fall once again. Each scene shows a fallen friend warmed by a blanket of fresh snow. A broken and bitter Kiba wanders now thinking that there is no such thing as Paradise. Empty pages of the book are shown flapping in the wind."How am I able to keep walking like this even though I know that? I can hear someone's voice," the beautiful white wolf says before collapsing.

The next scene shows the Earth freezing over. Slowly nature takes its course. Cheza's seeds sprout the beginnings of new life. Snow becomes rain. The icy land where Kiba laid.....melts, and his body sinks slowly into its depths. (Who really knows how much time has passed?) Birds and beautiful flowers are now gracing what was a barren, cold wasteland. The once frozen, deteriorated Earth is now a warm scenic land of lush greenery, blue crystal lakes, and sweet smelling flowers. A single golden eye is the only thing that dampens these near perfect surroundings. It seems to symbolize the start of disease.

Right before the credits, Kiba is shown walking through a highly populated city once again. It's raining and huge buildings seem to block the sky. Tsume is seen traveling by motorcycle, Hige is walking munching on a sandwich, and young Toboe is playing with a kitten. A lone flower is growing in a darkened alleyway. Kiba begins to run as if it is calling out to him.


NOTE: A finish that leaves you with your own interpretation. Many believe that once the soul leaves the body, it enters a Paradise called Heaven. Other beliefs see life as a continuous cycle. What do you believe? (^_~) Thanks for reading *hugs*. Julie.