Summaries or Highlights of the episodes are found in the Gallery/Images Section along with the pictures.

      1. Inuyasha: Since Then
      2. The Three Princesses
      3. The Dream Butterfly
      4. The Gateway to the Past
      5. Jakotsumaru of the Red Bone Palace
      6. The Cat Juan at the Old Temple
      7. Meeting through an Apple
      8. The Dream Gazing Trap
      9. Meifuku, the Meioju
    10. The Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls
    11. Curse of the Man-Eating Pond
    12. Night of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Towa
    13. The Delicious Feudal Monks
    14. The One Behind the Forest Fire
    15. Farewell Under the Lunar Eclipse
    16. Double-Edged Moroha
    17. Trap of the Two Perils
    18. Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru
    19. Princess Aiya's Beniyasha Hunting
    20. The Hidden Village for Half Demons
    21. Secret of the Rainbow Pearls
    22. The Stolen Seal
    23. The Three Princesses Strike Back
    24. Sesshomaru's Daughter

    End of the 1st Season. Season 2 began Fall 2021!

    25. Wielding the Tenseiga
    26. Demon Spirit of the Sea
    27. The Silver-Scale Curse
    28. The Barrier at Mount Musubi
    29. The Girl Named Rion
    30. Hisui the Demon-Slayer
    31. Takechiyo's Request
    32. Nanahoshi's Mini Galaxy
    33. Mayonaka the Visitor
    34. Battle on the New Moon, Part 1
    35. Battle on the New Moon, Part 2
    36. A Place (Not) for Towa
    37. Zero's Wish
    38. Kirinmaru of the Dawn
    39. Moroha and Family, Together Again
    40. The Three Princesses Escape
    41. Akuru's Pinwheel
    42. The Collapse of the Windmill of Time
    43. The Blackout
    44. When The Grim Comet Falls
    45. Osamu Kirin's Apparition Conquest
    46. The Grim Butterfly of Despair
    47. Father and Daughter
    48. A Never-Ending Future