Episode 03: The Dream Butterfly

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The Centipede Demon, Mistress Three-Eyes, has taken both Setsuna and Moroha into present day Japan. Towa smells her beloved sister and reacts to the demon... breaking her sword. Still determined, Towa creates a demon energy blade with her own power and, between her and Setsuna, defeats Mistress Three-Eyes! The rainbow pearls return to their rightful owners.

Towa can't believe that Setsuna doesn't remember her at all. Moroha notices that Towa's true father is the great demon Sesshomaru. Neither of the girls know who that is.

Back at the Feudal Era, Lady Kaede explains the situation to Kohaku and Hisui. Fourteen years ago, Sesshomaru came to Lady Kaede bringing his newborn twins with him. It was the last she saw of them until one day Setsuna came to her. She told Kaede that it was "a rite of courage and cowardice." (To explain: a lion is said to push their cubs into the bottomless ravine, and raise only the ones strong enough to crawl back up on their own.)

Both Towa and subsequently Mei are bitten by the Hitokon who chose them as hosts. This causes them to attack their family. Setsuna executes "Moon of the Resting Moth" to put everyone to sleep and a slayer potion to dispose of the Grass Root Demon - Hitokon.

All three girls return to Sota's home. Towa overhears Moroha and Setsuna talking. Setsuna can't fall asleep, because she had her dreams eaten by the Dream Butterfly. Towa blames herself for letting go of her sister's hand during the forest fire.