Episode 04: The Gateway to the Past

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It's been a few days since Setsuna and Moroha travelled to present day Japan. Moroha has been working with the Elder Association, Setsuna has been learning the Violin from Moe (Sota's wife), and Towa has returned to Saint Gabriel Academy. However, the plan is to return to the Feudal Era.

Moroha notices Root Head and makes a deal...rainbow pearls for a trip back to the Feudal Era. She tells the others and secures quite a few supplies for their return. (Poor Sota has to foot the bill for these items. (He's such a good sport.)

That evening, the girls are ready to depart. Mei tearfully asks Towa to promise that they will return. Moroha's Grandma asks her to give Kagome her regards. (This is where we learn that Moroha doesn't really know her parents well...I'm sure we'll learn what happened later in the series.)

When they arrive in the Feudal Era, the girls are greeted by the Spirit of the Tree of Ages in Kikyo's form (taken from the spirit of Kikyo's arrow of sealing). The girls are asked to slay the Beast King Kirinmaru, who ruled the East. He is attempting to twist time, swallow this world in the degenerate age, and return it to nothingness. Sesshomaru was supposed to take the place of his father (Great Dog-Demon), who ruled the West, however, he chose to follow his own path. This decision disrupted the balance of power. The girls are told that they must defeat both Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru at the same time. When the girls refuse, they are left to deal with Root Head.

Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha fight off Root Head, but when he begins to drain their demon powers, Moroha throws Great Grandpa's Kappa in its eye. The three hit the demon all at once, but it is when Towa sword emits the Blue Dragon to Root Head's weak spot that the menacing demon is destroyed.

After the defeat, the girls arrive outside the Tree of Ages where they are greeted by Lady Kaede, Kohaku, and Hisui. Suddenly, Towa realizes that without Root Head, they can't get back to the present!

Elsewhere, the Tree of Ages asks Sesshomaru if he is sure about something (we'll find out later). It says that if he forsakes this girl (Rin suspended asleep within the tree), she may never awaken.

NOTE: Moroha is so much fun. You can see the qualities of both Inuyasha and Kagome in her. Be patient everyone and enjoy what is happening in front of you. There is still so much to learn.