Episode 05: Jakotsumaru of the Red Bone Palace

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Jakotsumaru, the son of Tokotsu, has been killing and taking the bones of both humans and beasts. He is gathering these bones to revive his father.

Meanwhile, Setsuna, Moroha, and Towa have made it to the Feudal Era after defeating root head. They are greeted by Lady Kaede, Kohaku, and Hisui.

After putting her backpack in the trusted hands of Kaede, Moroha is off to the corpse dealer, Jyubei. Per Towa's request, Kohaku is searching for information on the Dream butterfly and feels it may be inhabiting Mount Musubi. Setsuna doesn't care about the Dream Butterfly and asks for a demon slaying job. Kohaku sends Setsuna, Towa, and Kirara to take care of Jakotsumaru. To his disappointment, Hisui can't to it due to the Hiraikotsu being practically food for a bone eating demon.

Elsewhere, Jyubei says he'll pay a lot for Tokotsu's head since Moroha only had the torso. He sends the Raccoon dog demon, Takechiyo with Moroha.

That evening, Setsuna and Towa encounter Jakotsumaru on the bridge but he escapes. When they trail him to his home, they are met by Moroha. She explains that she doesn't remember slaying him just that she took his red rainbow pearl.

The girls enter the premises to find not only Jakotsumaru, but Tokotsu (amongst the bones) as well. He is still alive and wants his red rainbow pearl. Moroha applies red rouge to her lips and warns Setsuna and Towa that she will be out for a day after using its power. Myoga explains that with the rouge she becomes Beniyasha, Destroyer of Lands. The rouge was a gift from the Great Dog-Demon to his wife, Lady Izayoi. When Moroha applies the rouge, his memories are revived in her blood!

Moroha uses Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer and Blades of Blood to shred Jakotsumaru and attack Tokotsu. In doing so, she used up her demon energy, which lasts about a minute. Towa and Setsuna finish the job, but everything is destroyed. Unfortunately, there is no bounty without the head, and all profits go to Jyubei.

While watching Moroha sleeping peacefully, Towa asks Setsuna what she chanted when attacking Tokotsu? Setsuna said it was something she heard from a traveling Monk a long time ago. (The viewer gets a quick glimpse of Miroku.)