Episode 06: The Cat Juan at the Old Temple

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The Corpse Dealer, Jyubei, entrusts the three girls with a case involving travelers who went missing near an old temple in a mountain pass. What they find is a mysterious village full of cats located at the foot of the mountain pass. The entire village smells like demon. Once the girls make short work of the cats, the villagers return to their usual behavior. They were being controlled.

At the old temple in this ghost-cat-infested area lives a Monk (Juan) who looks exactly like Julian, Mei's favorite idol. He is unaware of the disappearances and invites the girls to stay the night. That evening, as expected, ghost-cats attack the girls. After they are destroyed, the Monk tells the girls that about one hundred years ago, a powerful priest sealed a demon and laid its corpse to rest beneath the floors of this temple.

Moroha and Setsuna investigate beneath the temple and find a giant ghost cat. Towa is inside the temple with the Monk who has become possessed. She cannot escape, because he has put up a barrier. Towa can see that Monk Juan is trying to fight his possession. The demon possessing him is controlling the giant ghost cat outside.

Towa learns that Monk Juan held a service for the cat demon, and the sutra he chanted awakened its soul. The demon broke through the seal and took control of the Monk's body.

Leaving the giant cat ghost in Moroha's hands to fight, Setsuna tries to enter the temple and discovers the barrier. Moroha is able to destroy the barrier with one of her arrows. Setsuna wants to destroy the demon and the Monk, but thankfully, Towa's sword is able to absorb the demon energy while keeping Monk Juan alive.

Later, back at the corpse dealer, Moroha is angry the job was only worth a small amount. (Hey, old man...don't take advantage of these poor girls.)

NOTE: Towa asked Moroha why she needed money so bad when she doesn't seem to spend it. This was never answered, however, we do know that Moroha has a large debt to repay to Jyubei. I'm anxious to find out why.