Episode 08: The Dream Gazing Trap

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Picking up from last episode, the four-eyed owl demon, Yotsume, is pursued by Setsuna and Moroha. Towa needs help from Takechiyo to catch up so she bribes him with rock, paper, scissor gummie candy.

Elsewhere, Riku approaches the corpse dealer, Jyubei, who is night fishing. (It is evident that Jyubei respects Lord Riku.) Riku says he met Towa and likes her. He thinks the girls can defeat the four perils for him since he hates them. When asked why he doesn't do it? Riku replies, "It's my policy to only kill the ones I love." Riku admitted that he wants all seven of the rainbow pearls.

Meanwhile, Yotsume has run to the cave of Lady Kyuki, one of the four perils. She gives him the pink rainbow pearl asking him to find the princesses weaknesses by using his dream gazing spell. This dream spell doesn't work on Setsuna since she cannot dream. She is on to his plan and mixes up the dreams using her cyclone burst. Setsuna then defeats Yotsume. Soon after, Takechiyo and the girls wake up.

Shortly after the dreams (Moroha sees bits of Takechiyo's past, Takechiyo sees Moroha's past involving Inuyasha and Kagome, and Towa sees a dream that was stolen from Setsuna's butterfly.), the group barge into Kyuki's fortress ready for a fight. Kyuki informs them that the pink rainbow pearl absorbed their demon energy. All except for Setsuna.

To fight, Kyuki changes to her true form, a tiger-like beast. At this point, Setsuna's demon energy is dwindling as well. Moroha knows that Towa has the ability to steal demon energy. She tells Towa what she needs to do. When Setsuna is in trouble, Towa angrily uses her Azure Dragon Wave to defeat Kyuki.

While Towa is bandaging up Setsuna, Riku arrives and takes the rainbow pearl from the defeated Kyuki. Takechiyo gives them their reward, and Riku bids them farewell.