Episode 10: The Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls

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The corpse dealer, Jyubei, has sent the girls to an area where demons were rampaging. Turns out that it is the fighting between demon siblings, Kinka and Ginka. Their kind is born with two heads for one body. The stronger consumes the weaker, and evolves into one powerful demon.

Kinka and Ginka notice Towa and Setsuna have rainbow pearls. They retreat but return that evening and steal the pearls, which results in Towa and Setsuna fighting. They were being controlled by Kinka (tan) and Ginka (blue). Thankfully, Setsuna was able to get to her demon medicine to stop them. The two demons escape with the pearls thus increasing their demon powers.

Before they can get home, the two demons are confronted by their tribe's leader, Lady Joka. She wants their demon powers to get her revenge on Sesshomaru. She grabs Ginka and proceeds to drain his powers. Towa and Setsuna arrive close to the area where they witness Kinka trying to save his brother. This triggers some memories in Setsuna.

Setsuna works with Kinka. She is able to slay Lady Joka, but sadly, not before the tribe leader mortally wounds the brothers. Before he passes, Kinka says, "Even though we hated each other, we were each other's reason to live." The demon boys die leaving nothing but ash...much to Moroha's dismay. Again... no bounty. However, the rainbow pearls returned to their rightful owners.