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Welcome to the Beyblade Burst section of AnimeAdmirers. AnimeAdmirers has carried information on all Beyblade series starting from the 1st anime dating way back in 2001. Remember Tyson? How about Kai? Remember all those Kai fangirls back then. In that spirit, a Beyblade Burst section was destined to hit this site. The series began airing in Japan April of 2016. The series began airing on DisneyXD (US) in December of 2016.

As mentioned on other sections, this site acts like a wikipedia with a lot more organization and images. The difference is that only one person is updating it.

Again, the layout is very simple. That makes it easy for one to find what they are looking for. However, don't look for downloads here. You can usually find them legally somewhere, but I don't think Crunchyroll has picked it up yet. Here, you'll find information, images, avatars, and more. So check it out.

About Beyblade Burst

Fifth grade Valt has a passion for Beyblade that grows with each passing day. He and his friends enter tournaments upon tournament hoping to win the coveted title "World's #1 Blader!" (That's pretty much it in a nutshell.)