Brief Episode Guide

This episode guide is based off of the descriptions from my Newtype Magazine with my modifications so as not to Plagiarize this awesome magazine. Seriously though, if you truly love Anime, this is a MUST-HAVE subscription. It's a great day when I open the mailbox and this month's issue has arrived!!!!


Episode 1

The Beyblade Championships are over. Tyson and the rest of the team are now instructors teaching other kids. One day a cocky young boy challenges Tyson to a battle.

Episode 2

Tyson is challenged by Daichi and then by another mysterious guy by the name of "Shippu no Jin". Hey Shippu...what's with the mask? Ray tries to keep them from fighting ... just then, a very excited Max shows up telling everyone they just announced a third World Cup Championship Tournament.

Episode 3

Tyson is getting fed up with Daichi constantly following him asking to bey battle. Kenny, however, sees that Daichi has potential. Meanwhile, Jin sends a challenge to Tyson, but it is mistakenly given to Ray. Ray doesn't hesitate to accept the offer.

Episode 4

Looks like the new tournament will be responsible for splitting up BBA teams into new district teams. Tyson is worried about that but realizes he must start preparing. Kenny wants to participate as well and begins working on a new beyblade. Meanwhile Max meets the American Team, while Ray is introduced to the Byakko team from his own hometown.

Episode 5

It's the start of the preliminaries. A block is Tyson and Kenny, while B block is Kai and Daichi. Both Tyson and Kenny are doing great, but with each battle Tyson becomes more and more tired.

Weeeee.....more are coming!

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