My Love Will Go On

By Jedi-and


Disclaimer: how many times must I be put through the torment of saying this isn’t mine? Oh why must I do this? *Fake sobs* you know life hates me. I own NOTHING! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!


Authors note: hi it’s me again. I seem to do more and more Medabot stories than anything else nowadays. But the question is whether or not it’s a good thing or a bad thing. This is a mainly Brass fic (aren’t all of them I hear you cry) and it’s devoted to female Metabee (my artist friend) and Ecky who let Brass in to her fic. Also... The Biggest Dreamer Lily? You out there? If you read Robo Romance, it will all become clear on what happens. Enjoy



Chapter one: Bai-Bai



“What do you mean your going away?” Brass was sitting on one side of the table at the Tenryo residence, staring wide-eyed at Metabee, who was on the other side, eating a watermelon and drinking oil. Brass had a large club sandwich and a VERY large cup of tea.

 “Me and Ikky are going to the robattle world tour. Everyone will travel around each country and have a match. We are travelling around all the country entered in the contest.” Metabee sounded ecstatic at the prospect of fighting more contestants from other countries. Though the only thing he loved more than robattling was Brass.

 “But… But how long will you be gone?” Brass leaned closer towards the table and to Metabee with a little worry in her eyes.

 “Only 3 months roughly.”

 “ONLY THREE MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!?” it wouldn’t have annoyed her as much if he had said something like ‘it’s going to be quite a while. About 3, maybe 4 months.’ But it was the fact he said ‘only’ that aggravated her. She got up and walked towards the door

 “Brass! Please calm down. I’m doing this for you!” she turned around to look at him,

 “You… are doing this for me?” she asked, questioning his morals.

 “Yeah. I’m doing it so we can get money so I can afford to buy you the things you deserve.”  Brass looked down in shame,


“I’m sorry Hun. I shouldn’t be so angry. Robattles are your job. And if your job takes you away… then I’ll be right here when you come back.” She looked up and closed her eyes in happiness, knowing that Metabee would be on TV again and that he was doing what HE enjoyed to do the most. She opened her eyes again and Metabee had move to right in front of her face. She would have moved back in shock but it was already too late. He was kissing her, holding her around the waist. She put her hands on to his face, holding him there as they lost track of the time until,


 “Hay! I thought I said we wouldn’t do that now we know what that does. Plus that one was kind of painful.” She pulled back, the spark reseeded and they looked at one another, still holding each other. The last time they ‘Zapped’ each other was about a month ago.

 “I didn’t do anything. Something must have happened your end…” Metabee checked his internal chronometer (clock) and realised that he was now late for his flight. Ikky would meet him there as he was leaving school and going to the airport, not stopping off at home. Metabee gave Brass one last kiss as he ran out the door. Brass looked at the closed door, with a small tear in her eye, and then turned to the videophone.

 BRRrrrringg BBBrrringgg

 “Miss Erika?”

 “Oh hi Brass. How are you?”

 “Lonely Miss Erika…” She closed her eyes and sighed,

 “Is this to do with Metabee and Ikky leaving on a robattle championship around the world?” Brass just nodded “I’m sorry Brass. I know how you feel.”

 “Miss Erika?”

 “Yes Brass?”

 “Can I stay with you Miss Erika? Until Medabee and Ikky come back?” she almost pleaded with her. Now that she was married to Metabee, she lived with the Tenryo family permanently. She can remember how Erika took it.


==========Flash back========================


They where both in Erika’s front room about 1-½ years ago. Erika was standing, as was Brass and her parents where sitting on the sofa. Brass was looking down, her hands in front of her, firmly clasped together. 

 “WHAT?” Erika shouted out. She looked at her Medabot in surprise,

 “Please… don’t take it the wrong way… I love Metabee and I want to live with him. This house swapping is annoying now… and I will be even more so when we are married.” She turned her head to the side, still looking down. “And what happens if I… if I…” she looked strait at Erika, holding her hands in front of her chest, nearly in tears. “What happens if I have a baby Miss Erika?!” the thought of Brass having a baby never came in to her head… in a way neither did the idea of Brass wanting to move out.

 “Oh this is ridiculous! Your toy is malfunctioning… we may as well throw it out…”

 “Please! I only want to be with the one I love. I’ll still be in your service. I just won’t be under the same roof that’s all.” She continued to plead to her master hoping that she would help her. But Erika’s father continued to protest,

 “Oh please… Medabots CANNOT LOVE! They are toys… nothing more than play things that you replace when damaged. And YOU are clearly damaged. They cannot love, marry or have children! It is not possible…”

 “That’s not true.” Brass was looking down, her small clenched fists where shaking from having to do this. She pictured it as a few questions why and then they would help her and wish her luck. Not a debate. “My friend Neutranurse… she gave birth to a Medal the other week… and she is married… SO WHY CAN’T I?” she started to cry at this point, which only infuriated her owners father even more.


 “If that is that the price of freedom?” she asked, looking at him strait in the eyes.

 “Get OUT!” Brass ran out the door, crying all the way down the road and to Ikky’s house. After a few months, Erika’s family where a little down heartened and her father and Brass managed to patch things up… after several attempts.


==========End of flash back=============================            


Brass wouldn’t have been surprised if she had said no…

“Sure. I don’t see why not.”

 “Really?” Erika smiled and laughed a little.

 “Yes. You haven’t visited us in a while and my Mom misses you. Even my dad says he misses you a little.” She laughed again. “We will be round at 4 to pick you up.”

 “Thank you Miss Erika. See you then.” She hung up and ran around the house to get ready.




“Well Brass… you can have your old room. I know it’s not much compared to your room at Ikky’s but…” She paused for a bit.

 “My chair!” Brass ran and jumped in to her favourite chair in the whole world. She left it at Erika’s so if she ever broke up with Metabee (there was about 2% chance of that actually happening) her chair would be there, instead of at Metabee’s place. Erika just laughed a little and smiled,

“I was going to say ‘but it has all your old stuff here’.” She turned to head upstairs “I’m glad you’re back Brass.”

 “As am I Miss Erika… as am I.”  Erika left Brass. Brass looked around her old surroundings and remembered all the times she was down here, by herself… including the one fateful trip in to her thoughts about a very special Medabot…




She went to the basement. Her basement. It wasn’t much all it had was a large, tatty, comfy recliner, a small TV and a little desk with a lamp, pencils and things, and a little clock CD system, which was also quite old. But… it was her room. She didn’t care if it was a bit small and cluttered with stuff. It was her home. She walked down the wooden stairs and made her way towards ‘her chair’. She put her hand down the side and fumbled around for a while, until with a triumphant ‘aha’, she found what she was looking for. It was a picture of Medabee, in a small painted wood frame, which she stole from the report on Medabee, which Erika did. She looked at it and was lost in her thoughts about what these feelings were… eventually coming to the conclusion that she loved him… the only thing she wanted was the only thing she couldn’t have. She put her hand on it,

 “Oh Metabee… why don’t you like me?” she gave a heavy sigh and held the picture in both hands. She lifted it to her face and ‘kissed’ it. She put it to the spot her mouth would be and made a kissing sound. She looked at it again and hugged the picture. Forgetting time.




She felt down the side of the chair for the picture to see if it was still there. She pulled out the wooden frame. It had had new glass put in to it from where it had smashed previously. She brushed off the ducts and lint and stared at it. She felt a felling of day-ja-vu creep over her and sighed.

“Oh Metabee… come home soon okay?” she touched the picture before giving it a kiss, then hugging it, falling asleep… knowing that she had been there before.




She awoke the next morning to the sound of her alarm clock. Still working after all these years. She lifted her self to a sitting position. It seemed harder than usual to move herself. But she put it down to not charging up enough the night before. She promised herself to less late nights at Erika’s house. She slid off her chair, nearly falling over and walked to the light switch. She flipped it on and walked around for a while. She had realised that she fell asleep in the chair… again. She rubbed the back of her neck and continued about her business.

“I wonder what Peppercat and the others are doing today…” she walked past her full-length mirror (well it was full-length for a Medabot) to get to her phone. She walked up to the phone and stopped. She took a couple of steps back so she could see herself in the reflection. “AAGGGHHHH!”


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