My Love Will Go On

By Jedi-and


Disclaimer: how many times must I be put through the torment of saying this isn’t mine? Oh why must I do this? *Fake sobs* you know life hates me. I own NOTHING! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!



Chapter two: surprise!



 Brass looked on her new form in the mirror, refusing to believe it.

 “Brass! What was that scream?” Erika ran down the stairs towards her, stopping near the end of the stairs,

 “I’m… I’m pregnant Miss Erika…”


Brass placed both her hands on her now slightly swollen stomach plate and looked down as far as she could, sticking her stomach out a little to help her see. The plate on her stomach seemed to be longer and more at a slope reaching the top of her skirt plate. The front plate seemed to be a little larger as well. “This isn’t right… I can’t be…” Erika walked slowly down the stairs looking at the shocked Brass, “I’m dreaming… that’s right... I’ll wake up soon and it will be all just a dream.” She closed her eyes tight and opened them again. She thought it had worked… until she looked down. It wasn’t a dream; he stomach was still protruding outwards.


 Poor Brass… she fainted. I guess she thinks she isn’t cut out to be a mother. Erika just sighed at her.




“YOUR MEDABOT IS WHAT?!?!?” Erika’s father yelled as Brass cringed on the other side of the table, sitting next to Erika. Her mother sat down.

 “Now, now. It’s not like it’s Erika who is pregnant. I mean Brass is married after all and she has full rights to…”

 “That’s not the point!” her father turned to her mother, “I bought this Medabot to help Erika out with her paper and to win her robattles. Not to leave when she seemed fit and get herself pregnant!” Brass looked down at her stomach, and rested her hands on it.

 “Oh, by the way dear, how come Brass didn’t look like that when she came here yesterday?” her mom turned to her and to the worried Brass.

 “According to Neutranurse, who has had 3 children already, Medabots grow in ‘spurts’ rather than gradually. It would consume too much energy and resources for a Medabot to grow like a human, so their body changes over night, using the energy that is being channelled through charging up to run the Nano-bots to change the shape of the Medaparts and make tools inside her to make a little baby medal. However this is also taxing and causes the Medabot to fall asleep. That’s why Brass fainted. Right Brass?” she turned to her Medabot who had nodded off. They sweat dropped as Erika nudged Brass, who woke up with a startle “Brass!”

 “AH! I was doing your homework Miss Erika! I just got on to World War 2 and…” she looked around at the angry and confused faces of her owners parents. “Err… what is the time?” she said rather nervously,

 “Oh it’s almost 12:30 Brass.” Erika’s mother looked at her watch, not realising what Brass had given away.

 “Got to run, Bye!” she ran as fast as she could out the door leaving Erika to face the music.



 “So it’s true. You are going to have a baby.” Brass, Peppercat and Neutranurse where sitting outside of their favourite fast food chain ‘Meda-burgers’ with milkshakes and food.

 “Yes and Metabee is the father. But he left a day before I knew.” She let out a very heavy sigh before sipping on her milkshake. 

 “Don’t worry. I’m sure he will be overjoyed to learn you and him are going to have a widdle baby medal! Awwww!” Neutranurse clasped her hands together and danced around in her seat. Peppercat just slapped her a little.

 “Shut up moose brain…”

 “And I think I got Erika in trouble as well…” just then Rokusho and Oceana walked up and joined the trio.

 “Good ‘morrow gentle ladies…” he pulled out a seat for Oceana and then stood at the end of the table.

 “And you can’t say good morning because…?” Peppercat asked,

 “Why are you in a bad mood this morning?” Brass confronted the agitated Peppercat,


“Because I can’t find Centurion, Reaver is in another country, I haven’t seen Cyandog and my baby is fathered by Hot Stuff!” she did the anime crying thing “It’s SO unfair!”

 “Oh god… now I got a drama queen…” Brass said under her breath. But unfortunately Peppercat’s large ears means she can hear a lot more than most.

 “Want to try your luck?”

 “Your just stressing out because things aren’t going your way…” she sipped her drink again. Peppercat stood up, her stomach plate in full view because it was large with the last phase of a developing medal.

 “Your getting really shirty because you only found out you where pregnant this morning! And that you don’t know what to do!” Brass stood up and looked at Peppercat,


 “YOU HEARD!” the pair where face to face growling,

 “Um… ladies? Can we please stop bickering?”

 “NO!” the expecting pair said in unison.  Eventually the police was called because they cause a disturbance.

 “Oh! And I wanted a snack too! Phooey!” Oceana moaned as they walked down the street.

 “Now what?” Peppercat asked. The group where heading strait for the 24 Hop mart.


 “BOSS!?” Peppercat saw Sam, Erika, Karin, Rintaro, Spike and their Medabots all-talking about…something… Henry had gone on vacation… yes… vacation…

 “Oh look… the useless bot has just turned up.” Totaliser said, Folding, or at least trying to fold, his arms.

 “Err… hi Peppercat…” Cyandog said as she walked up to Totaliser, shocking him and then walked back.

 “Hi Cyandog…” she sighed. The Medabots all slumped to the floor.

 “What is wrong guys?” spike asked from behind the counter. He was taking over from Henry whist he was away.

 “Want us to start from the top?” Asked Neutranurse.

 “Oh boy…”


 “And then we came here…” the Medafighters all looked stunned at the group, as did their Medabots. Most of the group looked down in shame. Brass was slumped over a table with a mound of chocolate wrappers and things. She had a chocolate bar in her hand, half eaten.

 “Ack… I’m going to be sick…” her eye lids where half closed as she took another bite from her 50th chocolate bar.

 “Well maybe you should stop eating…?” Erika said, realising that she would have to pay Henry for all the goods. Well… when he gets back that is…

 “But I feel so hungry…” she moaned. She finished the last chocolate bar. “Must… find more…” she said, groggy before she slid off her chair and staggered in to the isle. They thought she wouldn’t until they herd a chomping sound. Erika became wide-eyed at the prospect of Brass eating out the entire store.

 “I think Brass is craving chocolate right now…” Neutranurse said. Everyone just fell over anime style. 

 “Ya think?” Was all Kantaroth could say. The bots ran in to the isle to get Brass. She was sitting on the floor, her legs out, sitting about a Medabot’s arms length from the shelf. She leaned over now and again to get more food. There was already a small pile of wrappers on the floor.

 “Okay! What ever we do… we must NOT let her in to the ice cream section!” Cyandog called out. She paid no attention and continued to eat, downing a very large bag of white mice,

 “OH THE INHUMANITY OF IT ALL!!!!” Peppercat screamed as she ran out the store.

 “Err… would someone care to explain?” Oceana asked, Cyan dog stepped up,

 “White mice are her favourites… and that was the stores entire supply… Peppercat is the only one who buys them…” (A/N: they are my favourite too! ^_^), Brass stared dumbfounded at the door with a Turkish delight in her hand (I love those too!) then returned to eating. Her eyes where half closed as if she didn’t care. She had one hand on her stomach. Neutranurse walked slowly up to Brass.

 “Um… Brass?”

 “Yes?” she said between munches

 “Um… why don’t you stop eating now? All that chocolate can’t be good for the baby medal.” She said in her sweetest tone.

 “No.” she replied quickly, “I won’t stop eating until I feel full…” she dropped the chocolate bar in her hand and put both hands on her stomach, she cringed a bit before laying on her back. “Ohhh…” she moaned “Okay… now my stomach hurts…” her eyes where ¾ closed as she stared up at the ceiling. She had chocolate stains all over where her mouth would be.

 “That means not only where you full… but you are over feeding yourself…” Neutranurse sat besides her. “There must be another reason why your eating so much…” she looked at her, “Want me to guess or do you want me to tell me?”

 “You… not them.” She pointed over at the group of male Medabots hiding around the corner. Neutranurse motioned for them to leave, so they went off to find Peppercat.

 “Now… why?”

 “I think I’m trying to drown my sorrows in food…”

 “Drown your sorrows?”

 “I never knew I was going to be pregnant… I actually said I never wanted to be pregnant or have children… but here I am… a fat Mommy Medabot in the middle of a store floor unable to sit up because my stomach hurts…” Neutranurse helped her up to a sitting position “Thanks…”

 “So it’s baby blues?”

 “That and I don’t think Metabee wanted a child either…”

 “Oh Brass…”

 “What if… What if Metabee no longer finds me attractive? What then? He will stop loving me… I’ll have no where to go…” she started to cry a little. “I know that Erika’s father hates me for this… I know Erika probably hates me too… I think I got her in trouble with her parents… then Metabee will hate me… and I’ll have no where else to go…” she started to cry even harder. “I don’t want that!” She was in a full on sob. Her Head was in her hands. She shook her head a couple of times. “I…don’t want that…” Neutranurse hugged her closely, trying to comfort the distressed Medabot. Erika looked around the corner at her Medabot as she cried.

 “Hay… nothing is going to happen to you…” Brass turned to her Medafighter and tried to stand… to no avail… Erika offered a hand to her Medabot, Brass looked at her hand then looked up and took it.

 “Thank you Miss Erika…” Erika lifted Brass to her feet with a few ouches on the way from both parties.

 “Don’t worry Brass… you will always have a home!”

 “Thank you Miss Erika…” she held on to her Medafighter whilst Spike cleared the debris from Brass’ attack on the store.


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