My Love Will Go On

By Jedi-and


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Chapter 3: the BIG plan…



Brrrinnng Bbbrrriiinnnggg

The videophone at Erika’s house was being called, and was soon answered by Erika.


“Hi Erika!” a little yellow bot was on the other end of the line,

“Oh hi Metabee. How’s the trip?”

“Great! Ikky doesn’t know I’m calling so I’m going to have to be blunt…” he breathed in “GET OFF and put Brass on THA PHONE!” He called out.


“Alright don’t be a grouch…” she went to the basements door, “Brass, phone call…” Brass moved out of her chair and placed the book she was reading on the arm. She walked over to the stairs.

“Who is it Miss Erika?”

“It’s Metabee.” She called down.  Brass sprinted off and she heard crashing around and things. “Is everything alright Brass?”

“Yeah! Just fine Miss Erika!” She called back. She then walked back up the stairs. She had ripped a wall hanging off and was wearing it like a blanket to hide the fact she was expecting from Metabee.

“Now Brass… that’s a bit silly isn’t it?” She just looked at her, “Okay maybe not…” Brass walked over to the phone and sat down.

“Hi Hun.”

“Hi Brass Hun. Um, is something wrong?” he pointed at her because of the cloth. She stammered for an excuse,

“I . . .I’m not feeling too well.” She did a fake cough and looked back at the screen. “I think I have a Medabot’s version of the flu…”



“There you are, sick, and I can’t be there to look after you…” He seemed to get annoyed at the fact she needed him and he wasn’t there. She did need him, but not because she was sick.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.”  She did a Medabot smile.

“I love you Brass.”

“I love you too… please come home soon.” She kissed her fingertips and touched the screen. He did the same. She pulls out from under her cloak a very large chocolate bar and started to eat it VERY quickly.

“Err… Brassy-kins?” he asked softly, she could have told him then, she could have told him ANYTHING then. ‘Brassy-kins’ was his special name for her, and she melted every time he called her by it. “Are you sure there is nothing wrong? You seem to be eating more than usual…” he looked at her.

“I’m sure…” She saw Ikky in the background,

“Got to go! Love ya!” he hung up. Brass sighed and removed the tattered wall hanging from her shoulders.

“I’ll go find Peppercat…” she walked to the door “I need someone to talk to…”




“So the unknowing father called huh?” Peppercat sipped on a drink. Brass just sighed, looking down at her stomach.

“Yes but I couldn’t tell him... I just... wasn’t feeling brave enough.” She closed her eyes,

“I’m not sure how well he would take it though…” Peppercat stated, looking at her expecting friend. “How about this?” she looked up “I’ll give Medabee a call, making some excuse like; oh I don’t know um... I’m looking for baby names for my kid right? Then I’ll just casually slip in about how everyone else is having Babies and how he isn’t. Then I’ll see if he wanted one or not. He wouldn’t suspect me of anything. Trust me.” She laughed and meowed at the same time.

“You think it will work?” she asked hastily,

“Sure. Just leave it to me.”

“Thank you Peppercat. You’re a true friend.” She meowed again and sipped her drink.

“Lest you have some one to call your own...” she sighed.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I’m going to have a baby in a few days and I have no one to love.” she patted her stomach affectionately,

“What about Centurion? Or Reaver?” she sighed again,

“Centurion and I decided that we should be friends rather than lovers, Hot stuff is a girl chaser And Reaver is in another country. I need someone more… permanent… maybe some one like… yeah… maybe some one like Cyandog…” Brass choked on her drink. She would have never guessed that this particular cat would go for the weakest dog in an affectionate way… she regained her composure and looked at her.

“Really? I never thought you liked him.”

“Neither did I… till now…” she looked down at her large ‘gut plate’ “but it wouldn’t matter… why would he like a pregnant cat?” she sighed and got up, saying good-bye on the way and left. Brass thought for a while.




“Right! Here’s the plan!” Centurion was standing in the middle of the Tenryo lounge looking at the group around him, which consisted of Brass, Oceana and Rokusho all in cloaks, along with Cyandog there too. They had pushed the sofa back for a little more room.

“Hold on...this is a plan to get Cyandog and Peppercat together right?” Centurion nodded at Rokusho, “Then what are we doing here?”

“And why are we wearing these cloaks?” Oceana asked from behind

“Well I was getting to that.” He Takes out a pointing stick from behind him (from the mystical space in which all anime characters store stuff in) and goes to a flip chart, “Now, us four, Brass, Rokusho, Oceana and myself, will be disguised as a rouge Medabot gang.” Points to a well-drawn picture of the group all advancing on Peppercat.

“That’s a lot more well drawn than Metabee’s work…” Oceana said,

“Do I look that big already?” Brass asked pointing at the picture. There where 3 shakes and one nod. “Gee...thanks girl...I’ll be nice to you too when you get Pregnant…”

“Now, now ladies… back to Cyandog’s love life here…  we pretend to ganging up on Peppercat, when...” He flips over the chart to show Cyandog jumping in and scaring them away. “Our ‘hero’ jumps in and saves the day! We all run away after a little bit, and return back to normal. Whilst we are doing that, Cyandog will be having one of those ‘talks’ with Peppercat. Everyone got it?”

“Yes but it’s just not right…” Brass said, looking down at her cloak getting a feeling of De-ja-vu.

“Yes, I mean... how come you still want to go out with her when she’s heavy with the child of another Medabot?” Oceana asked, looking at Cyandog,

“That’s not what I meant Oceana... I meant it was wrong to deceive Peppercat...”

“Oh... Opps...” EVERYONE sweat dropped at the blonde up front.

“I still love her Oceana!” Cyandog stood up “No matter what!” they all nodded,

“Alright! Lets put operation Cat-Dog in to work!” everyone else sweat dropped as Centurion said that.

“I think that plume has gone to his head...”




“Everyone ready?” Everyone was ready in cloaks and things but Brass seemed to not be ready.

“Um… where is my hood? And most of my cloak?”

“We want you to transform in to Red Eyes Black Brass!” she gulped. Red Eyes Black Brass was the transformation she turned in to in England, but agreed to try. She clenched her fists as black sparks started to fly around her. She seemed to start to get darker but...


One giant black and red spark hit Brass and she was thrown back. She was still letting off little sparks as she landed. Everyone looked at her in shock and dismay as she clambered to her knees, clutching her stomach tightly.

“BRASS! You okay?”  Centurion called out,

“I think I hurt the baby...” she cringed and doubled over, crying loudly at the pain. They all ran over to her side,

“Oceana... go back to her house and call Neutranurse. Get her down here!” she nodded and floated off to go get help. Centurion picked up Brass and leaned her up against a wall; “Don’t worry Brass… your going to be okay. Trust me.” She nodded, still crying. “But we must do this for Cyandog. Don’t go away, we will be right back.” She nodded as they waited for Peppercat to show.

“Oh... my stomach feels weird...” Peppercat said, with one hand on her gut. The wind caught he coat as she walked down an ally towards home.

“Stop right there!!!”

“You are in the...err... Ying Yang Robo territory!” they both posed, Peppercat just sweat dropped,

“Ying Yang?” was all Rokusho could ask Centurion,

“Give me a break here pal...” Peppercat looked at the duo, not amused

“And that means what to me?” she asked, rather dryly.

“It means that YOU are trespassing!” they both point at her and laugh evilly,

“Oh boy…”

“Lets get her!” they both start to advance until,

“You shall go NO further!” Cyandog jumped out of the bush and in front of Peppercat, holding both guns out and at the ready.

“What are you doing Cyandog? Get out of here!” Peppercat shouted at the weakest member of the screws gang Medabots.

“Not with out you!” Peppercat flushed the same colour as some of her parts, a nice poppy red. The duo chuckled as they continued to advance towards Peppercat. Cyandog fired at least 5 shots, taking down one and the other just stood there, in awe of what had happened.

“Okay! We surrender!” he picked up his partner and ran “YOU WON’T BE SO LUCKY NEXT TIME!” they ran around the corner and stopped, they removed their hoods and watched, “Damn rookie. Your heavier than I thought!” Centurion called out, Rokusho just told him to shush up for a second.

“You... you saved me Cyandog...”Cyandog blushed a little as he looked at her, “Um... Cyandog? I have something I want to say...though it is hard to say it...” she flushed red and turned away a little, only to be brought back in to view by Cyandog,

“Then let me say... in the only way I can... Peppercat? I...”

“Ouch!” Peppercat held her stomach, “That... was painful.” She started to breath heavier, “oh my... Cyandog! I think it’s the baby! I think that I’ve gone in to labour!” she held on to Cyandog for support as she felt shock wave after shockwave being sent to her pain receivers, slowly counting down to the baby bomb. When Centurion and Co heard this; they ran around the corner to help out.




“I’m worried...” Brass looked at the door in which the operation was taking place. Hot stuff had also turned up and was pacing around.

“Damn...” was all they could say before they heard the inescapable cry of a newborn baby Medabot.

“I love you Peppercat…”


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