My Love Will Go On

By Jedi-and


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Chapter 4: Coach mole!



Brass Stared at herself in her mirror, again she had grown. Her stomach was now at least a few more inches out. Or so it seemed. It also had appeared that she had grown a little sideways. She sighed as she turned so her side where facing the mirror. She had grown over night. She sighed again before going to the stairs. She managed to get up them… just. She was out of breath when she reached the top, but she had a Robattle to watch! It was Medabee and Japan vs. England and…


“REAVER?” it defiantly was reaver all right some parts had been changed but it was defiantly him. It was generally and equal match. Until Metabee used the Medaforce, taking out 2 of team England and Reaver’s left arm and leg. He continued to fight but even with his powerful black medal, he was no match for an entire team. He lost. But Metabee won. Brass was jumping around in joy. Her extra weight made her hit the floor harder, making a louder bang.

 “SHUT UP BRASS!” there was a call from upstairs. It was 8:00 on a Sunday after all....

 “Sorry Sir.” She calmed down. She needed to boast to someone. You’re supposed to do that according to miss Erika. She went down to the 24-hop mart to see the ‘gang’.




“Oh did you see Metabee’s robattle? It was so good wasn’t it?” Brass giggled like a school girl as she was bragging about her husbands victory, the girls where there but none of the boys. Except Cyandog, who was asleep on the counter.

“Yeah, we saw it.” Peppercat sighed, “It’s a shame England had to be knocked out though…”

“Yeah, but Reaver did try hard, didn’t he?”  Neutranurse added,

“I’m sad for him, but I’m so happy Metabee won!” she giggled again, getting strange stares from the other mommy Medabots.

“So Neutranurse… you’re expecting again?” Peppercat quickly changed the subject. Neutranurse looked down at her stomach. She was already in stage 2. It was her 4th Pregnancy.

“Yeah, Sumillidon didn’t take it too well though.” She recalled how he dropped his drink and fainted after running in to a wall.




“Look over there Digmole! Fat, lazy Medabots!” Coach Mountain was in the isle of the 24-Hopmart watching the three girls converse quite pleasantly amongst them selves whist buying Medaparts for Digmole. Brass then bit in to a chocolate bar, which sealed their fate. “RIGHT! YOU THREE LAZY MEDABOTS ARE COMING WITH ME TO TRAIN! NOW!!!” all three looked up in shock at an angry Coach Mountain.


“Huh?!” He picked up Brass and Neutranurse and Digmole Picked up Peppercat and walked out. Cyandog had just woke up and looked around,

“Where did they go?”




“RIGHT! You three are here do get in to shape! One of you is near obese! And I’m here to help you jelly dohnuts in to a fighting fit condition! NOW RUN!” he pointed out in to the field “I want to water the grass with your Meda-sweat!” they just stared at him blankly,

“And what makes you think we are going to listen to you?” Peppercat blurted out

“WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?” Digmole started to move fast behind the Medabots, who ran as fast as they could, “WHEN HE SAYS RUN YOU RUN FATSO!!!”

“But! But I’m not...” Brass tried to speak but to no avail

“I SAID RUN!” you can just hear the Coach Mountain theme tune in the back ground as he watched Digmole go to work.

“I’m so proud of him. He is strong and fit like me.”




And so day after day the Medabots where forced to do exercises but…

“WHAT?!?!? YOU HAVN’T LOST WEIGHT BUT GAINED WEIGHT!” Coach Mountain shouted at Neutranurse and Brass. Peppercat was relieved after the first week, but Brass and Neutranurse where Growing, to no fault of their own. Neutranurse had hit the third stage and was as big as Brass, much to Coach Mountains disgust.

“But we aren’t putting on fat Mr Mountain we are...”

“OF COURSE YOU’RE PUTTING ON FAT!” he yelled at the sailor type Medabot, making her cringe a little. “WHAT ELSE WOULD IT BE?!?!”

“Well it...”

“WRONG! GO TO THE BARS! NOW!!!” he pointed at the jungle gym and forced them to do chin-ups. Or forced them to try. Brass could do a couple before losing all her energy but Neutranurse couldn’t even do one, which made him force the pair to do more.




“Whoa... what happen guys?” Peppercat had a little apron on. It was green but had a few yellow symbols on it, yep, they where at the 24-Hopmart being served by Peppercat as the pregnant duo sat on the floor exhausted from the days work. They both had dark rings under their eyes because they where so tired.

“Coach Mountain made us do 100 laps of the school field...” Brass said

“Then he made us do 50 chin-ups, then another 40 laps then clean the gym...” Neutranurse said, lying on the floor,

“I’m going to go to sleep now, away from him.”

“He can’t find us there...not in our heads...” Peppercat sweat dropped as the pair shut down for a good day’s worth of recovering.


“WAKE UP!!!!” Coach Mountain screamed in to their vocal receivers “this is no time to be sleeping! We have training to do!” He shook Brass a little to wake her up. She woke up as did Neutranurse and screamed at the sight of the beefy gym teacher,

“No!” Brass stared at him in shock “Your not here! This is a dream! Yeah a dream! If I close my eyes, you’ll be gone! Hehehe! You’ll just disappear! Yeah! Disappear! Hehehe!” he stared at Brass with a mix of worry and curiosity on his face. Neutranurse gave the distressed sailor a small hug, trying to comfort her.

“I’m sorry Coach Mountain. Brass can turn like this when bad things happens which she doesn’t want to believe.” Brass continued to laugh to her self, rocking back and forth gently singing at points. Neutranurse sedated her, this time making sure she kept her memory.

“Coach, why do you think they are gaining weight?”

“Because they do not exercise enough and spend to much time eating junk food.”

“Did you ever think that they might be pregnant rather than putting on weight?” he just scoffed at the statement. Medabots? Pregnant? Yeah right he thought.

“Meow.” A small red cat with a centurions plume clambered on to the counter where Peppercat as standing. “Reow!” she jumped on to a silver coin. It was a dead ringer for Peppercat except for the plume and the red eyes.

“Crowncat?” she walked over to the kitten type Medabot “What have I told you?” it looked incredulously at her, though very she was very cute, she needed more then cuteness. “I said don’t come to the front of the store on your own.”

“Wait, I thought your baby was fathered by Hot stuff…”

“One was. I developed a condition known as ‘Multiple father disorder’. It is when two sets of blueprints get laid in to two different program saves. And so I had twins. This is Centurions Baby.”

“Oh I bet he is REAL happy that you said nothing…”

“Well…” she recalled how he took it.


=========Flash back============


Peppercat: Centurion? *She walks up to him with a bundle in her arms*

Centurion: oh hi Peppercat. How are you feeling?

Peppercat: fine. It was a bit painful but fine.

Centurion: *he laughs a little* good. Now, how can I help you Peppercat?

Peppercat: well... I’d like you too meet Crowncat... your daughter...

Centurion: YOU WHAT?!?!? *He runs over and looks at the small infant. It was defiantly half of him. With that, he fainted*

Peppercat: Err...Centurion?


=========End of flashback=========


 Coach Mountain just stared dumbfounded at Peppercat as she cradled the sleeping kitten in her arms.

“Err… I’m going to find out what this is all about...” he ran out the store with Digmole in hot pursuit. They didn’t hear anything from those two for the rest of the month. 


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