My Love Will Go On

By Jedi-and


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Chapter 5: Just a big ‘little Time Bomb’



It was a sunny winter afternoon. Brass was asleep on the couch, watching some TV (my dad does that, he can watch TV with his eyes closed! Lol). She was quite big now. She just giggled at the prospect of it all whenever it was mentioned. Erika walked over to Brass and woke her up.  

“Hay, Brass, Metabee is on the phone” she opened her eyes and looked at her in fright. “You have to tell him...”

“I know...” she tried to get up “Um. Miss Erika? Can you help me up?” She sighed as she helped her Medabot to her feet. She walked over to the phone, which had been repositioned so Metabee couldn’t see her stomach.

“Hiya Hun!” Metabee called out as she sat down

“Hi Metabee.” She smiled,

“How are you?” he asked quickly,

“Fine! Fine.” She answered, a little unprepared.

“Err... is there anything wrong Brass?” he looked at her. She just took a bite of her ice cream and smiled.

“No, nothing’s wrong Hun. Hehe.” She put her hand on her stomach and blushed a little.

“I miss you Brass.”

“I miss you to.” She said. But she was going to say something else. She had made up her mind and decided to tell him. “Metabee? I have something to tell you...”

“Huh? What’s up Brass?” there was an awkward pause before Brass started again. She seemed to blush a little as she spoke.

“I’ve avoided telling you for some time now...”

“Are you sick?” he butted in,

“Let me finish!” she shouted back,


“It’s okay... but... I have needed to tell you for some time, but I thought that you wouldn’t love me because of it... I always thought that you would go away, and leave me alone...” she let out a small tear,

“What’s wrong Brass?” his voice was a mix of kindness, concern and fear.

“Metabee...I’m...” but before she could finish her sentence, the line was disconnected.




“IKKY?!?!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” he called out in frustration, knowing his loved one had something special to say on the other end of the line.

“We are going to be late for a Robattle...” he said, dropping the plug to the videophone.

“K.K.K.K.K.K.K!!” Metabee called out, obviously enraged “Brass had something VERY important to tell me!!!”

“Ask her after the robattle. We’re visiting them soon and I think Karin will be surprised with our guest.” He walked towards the door, “hurry up Metabee!” he growled, glancing at the phone, then back at the door, before running off. He wanted to make Brass proud of him; so when he won the Prize money, maybe... he and Brass could have a baby. That is if Brass said yes. He had everything planed out.

“Hay Ikky. You know what I’m gonna do when we get back?”

“What’s that?”

“I’m gonna see if Brass wants a kid!” he spluttered his drink. Erika had told him about Brass but to keep quiet about it. He looked at him incredulously.  “I have it all worked out! I’m gonna get the Prize money, and I’m gonna buy all new stuff for Brass, but I’ll keep some back, then I’ll treat Brass to a candle light dinner at Medabot’s du romantique, where I proposed to her and then I’m gonna see if she wants a kid or not. If she says yes then I’ll be ecstatic! If she says no... I’ll bug her till she says yes! Now is that a plan or what?”

“Well…” Ikky thought about it, maybe it would be a good time to tell him... Maybe it was what Brass wanted to say... “Metabee? The thing Brass was trying to tell you was this...”




“Oh my...” Brass sighed as she turned off the phone, hoping he’ll call back. She got up and walked to the kitchen. She opened up a carton of milk and drank it, resting her hand on her back for support. She sighed again as she walked over to the coat rack, put on her coat and scarf and walked out to see Peppercat, milk still in hand.




She got half way down the street before coming across the cat. She was shivering in the cold weather as Samantha and Spike looked at each other.

“So Boss, wanna practice? Cyandog really needs a good fight.” He nodded his head, completely unaffected by the cold. Brass walked over to Peppercat,

“What’s going on?” she downed the last part of the milk and looked at her,

“M...My B...Boss wants a R...Robattle. B...But I’m cold...d. S...She took away my c...cloths!” she continued to shiver. Brass walked up to her and hugged her to check her temperature. She was ice cold.

“Oh you poor thing! Here, take this.” She removed her purple scarf and wrapped it around Peppercat’s neck in the fashion of a ninja, where a good deal of the scarf was hanging behind her, with a bit of it covering her chin (if you have seen Kenji off Bloody Roar 2 you know what I mean.) “There.”

“I can’t take this! Not in your condition!” she went to remove it but Brass put her hand in the way to stop her,

“Keep it, I have plenty more.” She smiled as Peppercat nodded and turned to fight.

“Lets go!” Peppercat looked at Cyandog, who returned the glance.

“’s Cyandog...” she looked at her Medafighter, who looked at her as if to say ‘So?’ she motioned her down to talk. She whispered in her ear.

“Oh... well... I find that’s still no excuse...” she looked over at her love again. He shook his head as if to say there was no point in trying to persuade her. She nodded. Peppercat jumped at Cyandog, he managed to dodge but it wasn’t much good. Peppercat jumped off the wall and landed on Cyandog’s head, before leaping off. She had planed to land and charge but no… Cyandog too advantage of Peppercat’s new gift and took hold of the scarf, stopping her in the air. She slammed to the floor as Brass gave off a small squeak

“We’ve got her now Cyandog! Spin her around and round!”

“Right Boss!” he did so, spinning her around before letting go

“Peppercat! Right yourself!” she landed on the wall and jumped down. She charged at Cyandog, dodging his bullets with ease. “Peppercat! Use your scarf to wrap around him!” she ran around him, her new found speed dazzled Cyandog and eventually had tied him up in the scarf


“Sorry Cyandog...” she zapped him with her hands as his Medal fell out. She picked up his medal and gave it a small kiss before returning it to Spike “Fix him up fast okay?” he nodded and took Cyandog away. She turned to Boss and Brass. Brass gave her the thumbs up and she returned it. She walked over to Brass and hugged her,

“Thanks for the gift pal. It’s tricky at first but I think I’ll fight better and look good with this scarf.” She smiled, as did Brass.

“Your welcome.” Sam said she’d meet Peppercat at home. They walked through the park to get to the 24 Hop-mart. Brass felt a slight twinge in her stomach, but took no heed to it.


“Brass! Halt there! You shall not pass!”  White dragon type Medabot dropped down, his ice like optics glared at Brass, knocking Peppercat inside. he went for Brass. She stepped back a few paces hoping for the life of her child that he wouldn’t attack her.        




“Huh? Brass left? In her condition?” Ikky was outside Erika’s house with Metabee and Koji with Sumillidon.

“Yeah, she took a carton of milk and went for a walk... it was right after your phone call...” Erika said, shivering a little.

“Yeah which was cut short!” Metabee glared at Ikky.

“I think she was heading for the 24 Hop-Mart but I’m not sure...” her Medawatch bleeped. She never usually wore it anymore. But seeing as Brass was in the last stage, anything could happen.

/“NO! Get back!” Bang! Bang! “Please! Leave me alone!”/ Brass could be heard on the other side of the Medawatch, shooting and screaming /”MISS ERIKA!!! HELP ME!!! I’M AT THE PARK!!!” Bang! “Please! Oh please say you have your Medawatch on!”/  Metabee turned as white as a sheet

“I’M COMIN’ BRASS!!!” he called in to the Medawatch and ran off to the park.




“Why have you attacked me?” Brass lifted her machine gun arm,

“I want the rare Medal inside of you!” he took another step forward, her bullets just bounced off of him. The white dragon reared its head. It was a smooth dragon shape with large fangs ether side of the mouth. His large claws seemed impassable and it seemed more agile then it let on.


White Dragon


Specialty: lightning beam strike



“But I’m not...” the sudden realisation dawned on her as she looked down, The Medal INSIDE her, not her medal. He wanted her baby Medal because it was half rare. “You won’t get it!” she pointed her short shot “Short shot away!” she fired a single round hoping it would do something. It landed right in his mouth, destroying his Lightning cannon. She raised a hand in triumph. “Yeah! I rock!” she realised that she got that off Metabee and blushed. The dragon just looked at her,

“A bit premature aren’t we? If there is one thing you should know, it’s don’t count a dragon out till it’s destroyed.” He charged at Brass, who brought her hands in front of her stomach just in case something happened. A black shadow appeared in front of her,

“Get out of here Brass!!”


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