My Love Will Go On

By Jedi-and


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Chapter 6: Escape + Rescue  



  “I said go!” there stood a dark figure, his armour was as black as the night. She thought of the only other Medabot with black armour who she knew. But it couldn’t be him. For a start he was in England and his armour was different. This bot seemed more demonic. He had black spiky armour and the antenna was a lot larger and it had two sliver prongs, not three. His helmet and mask where both black, his emerald green eyes stared out of his evil head at the encroaching Medabot. He had 4 wings. They had the bone structure of bat wings, but they had Metal feathers in between the gaps of the frame. They where multi coloured, going from red to purple to dark blue to green to yellow. He also had a large spiked wheel on his back, which seemed to just float behind his medal hatch. His feet where spiked at the toe as were his knees.


“Don’t argue Brass! Just go!!” The bot yelled as the other slammed in to him. The two where in a dead lock till...



A colossal Energy beam shot past the black Medabot in to the white Dragon type. She turned to see a Femme. She stood smaller than Reaver, yet taller than Angel. Her hair was white and her optics where ice blue. She carried on her right arm a huge energy cannon that opened up when it is used it had a disk on the end which was like an energy coil. On her back is a huge backpack like object housing missiles, as are the boxes on her arms and legs. Her left arm has a Revolver and her shoulder pads hold even more missiles. Her inner-shoulders (the part nearest her neck) had two Gattling/Chain guns mounted on to them. She had a headdress that mimicked a mix of Centurion and Reaver’s in the fact it had a three pronged spike on the front and a strip that when down to her shoulder blades. She also had a twin Chain gun on her left hand. Her chest plate stuck out a little as if she was an adult Medabot and it ended just before her waist, Her leg plates where long and wide, and her feet where dark. Apart from the silver rims on her Medaparts, and the Ice blue eyes she was a glimmering white. Her large cat ears looked like they had cameras in them. She raised her Cannon again,



Reaver Scythe Custom (Reaver)

Medafighter: Yugi Lockland

Specialty: Able to go in to the ‘Dead Zone’

Weakness: Life Medaparts


Cannon-Goddess (Revolver)

Medafighter: Yugi

Specialty: Mega-Cannon

Weakness: slow to counter or to dodge



“Revolver! Stop! You might hit Brass!”

“But Reaver! You can’t take him on your own!” it WAS Reaver. He must have had an upgrade, making him stronger and faster. He must have had it AFTER the match with Japan. Brass tried to stand after she was pushed over. Another Medabot helped her up,

“It’s okay, I’m here to help!” The new bot angel looks like Brass, but her hair is white and her eyes are sliver. She has a large red gem on her forehead, which housed a HUGE feather. She had 2 VERY large angel wings on her back. She had simplistic body armor and long leg plates. The huge feather was real and it stretched on for about a meter. She seemed to have no weapons,




Medafighter: Yugi Lockland

Specialty: Not suitable for robattles.



“Angel! Get her out of here!!!” The Medabot with the cannon called out, charging up another shot. Reaver ran behind the cannon girl and grabbed the power disk on the back of the cannon as the thorny ring on his own back started to spin,

“ Twin Mega-Flare!” a voice called out. It was a human voice, but she couldn’t quiet place her finger on who’s it was. She looked at him. He had a long leather jacket and red gloves, but a cowboy style leather hat covered his face. She looked back to see the wheel on Reaver’s back started to make sparks, eventually causing electricity to flow from his to the Femme. The Angel girl tried to take Brass, but she refused and watched as the space in between the cannon’s prongs where glowing a hint of blue light. A blue energy beam fired at the Medabot, ripping a hole through him. The others just looked in shock. Brass suddenly held her stomach

“Ow!” she looked down “That hurt…” she rubbed the front of her stomach, whilst Peppercat had recovered and had run over to Brass.

“We’ve got to get you to a hospital NOW!” she said, taking Brass away. They got a little way before a figure stepped in front of them,

“You’re not going anywhere!” It was the Dragon type, regenerating in front of them. He knocked the pair apart. He walked over and stamped on Peppercat’s head, keeping his foot there and pushing down.

“Don’t you DARE do that!!!” Brass called. He looked around to see she was surrounded by a pink aura, her fists clenched tightly, her eyes blood red and sparks coming out of her fists. 


“She can use the Medaforce???” Revolver asked, staring at Brass.

“You can hurt my friends, you can hurt me... but IF you try to hurt MY baby, then you can KISS YOUR BOT GOODBYE!!! MEDAFORCE!!!!” she pointed her guns, her index fingers pointing forward, and fired a huge beam at White Dragon. He just stood in shock at the massive beam came towards him.




His Medal fell to the floor, as did Brass. They all ran over to help her up,

“Brass? Brass! Speak to me! Metabee would never forgive me if something happened to you!” Peppercat scooped Brass in to her arms. Brass opened her eyes and looked at the red cat.

“Wha... what happened?” she looked up, then held her stomach again in pain, “Agh!!” she closed her eyes tightly,

“Reaver get her to the hospital!” The man said. He nodded and unfolded his 4 bat/angel wings and took off with Brass in his arms. Angel also took off,

“Oh no you don’t!!” Peppercat jumped on to Angel, “You are NOT leaving with out me!” Angel nodded as they flew off.




“Where is she?!?!?” Metabee had grabbed the stranger by the collar and had started to shake him,

“Please...Calm...Down!” his large brimmed hat fell off, to reveal Yugi.

“YUGI?!?” Erika called out, running over. “WHERE IS BRASS!? TELL ME!!” it was her turn to shake him,

“Help!” he called out as Revolver ran over and grabbed Metabee and a flying Femme grabbed Erika’s arms with her clawed feet. She was the same size as Brass; her head had a red/orange/ginger helmet that covered one eye like hair. She had her jewel on her chest, Her optics where magenta colour. Her arms where like Phoenix, but she had claws on the underside of the flamethrower, also on her arms where wings, enabling her to fly. He body was like a strapless top (like Botafly) which was gold going up to above the bust and white for the rest of it. Her hip plates where like Brass’ but they too where gold. Her feet where claws.




Medafighter: Yugi Lockland

Specialty: Harpy’s magic claws

Weakness: Quiet weak armour     



“Thanks harpy... she has gone to hospital!” they all looked wide-eyed at him and ran to the hospital.    




“It hurts!! It’s to much!!!” she was squeezing Reaver’s hand, who was crippled on the floor,

“That may be so! But don’t give it to me!!!” he looked at his hand. His arm was nearly about to cease functioning.

“I feel another contraction coming!!” She grabbed his hand and squeaked in pain, he tried to keep his cry of pain in, almost failing too. The wheel on this back was spinning fast, trying to give his arm extra-energy. She let go and breathed heavily, holding her stomach with the hand that wasn’t in use. Reaver crumpled to the floor, his Emerald eyes turning white, with his dead hand laid out in front of him. She let out a tear of pain “I...Can’t... Make it...” she panted, obviously in a great deal of pain. “I…can’t...” her eye lids where half closed. She felt someone grab her hand,

“You can and you will!” she looked up,

“METABEE?!?!?” she looked at him in shock, before another side ripping pain shot through her, and almost crippling Metabee.

“Ow!” he let out a small cry as Revolver picked up Reaver and they left. Brass looked up after it subsided.

“You’re not… Mad?” she panted still holding on to his hand. “You still... want me?”

“To tell the truth I was going to ask you if you wanted a kid. But your one step ahead...” she smiled before being sent in to another contraction.

“I hope she’ll be okay...” Angel was waiting outside along with everyone else. Even Centurion had turned up.

“She is strong. She will be fine.” No one could tell Centurion’s true feelings because you could not see his optics through his broken visor. But Neutranurse could tell that he was worried.

“I’m sure she will be. And with Metabee there nothing can go...” she was cut off by several gunshots. All of their eyes widened as they looked at the door to the room she was in. “...wrong?” after a few nervous moments a loud cry could be heard.

“Oh my... I’m an uncle.” Centurion said, wiping a tear from his eyes. They all ran in to the room. Brass was lying on the bed, much thinner now, with the new arrival in her arms. She was a Brass look alike, but she had Metabee’s head launcher.

“Aw! So cute!” Neutranurse called out. The rest of the girls could do nothing but agree. The guys congratulated them and Centurion stood at the back of the room with Dr Aki.

“The miracle of life.” Aki softly said.

“Yes. It brings a tear to the eye.” Centurion said, looking over at his sister. “I’m so proud of her.” Aki nodded,

“Say Centurion. Now Miss Caviar has left, I sure could use a partner with your expertise...”

“It would be an honour sir.” He nodded and watched the merry scene.

“So, do you have a name?” Peppercat called out, as Brass held the baby, looking at it.

“Not yet...” Metabee looked at his daughter. Slowly and only slightly, the baby girl opened her eyes, they where a golden amber colour. The rest gasped and awed.

“That’s it! We can call her Amber!” Metabee called out, Brass nodded approvingly.

“Amber. Yeah, I like it.” she looked down at Amber “Hiya there Amber. It’s your Mommy here.” She played with her.

“I love you so much. And I love our daughter too.” He kissed her,

“Thanks Hun. I love you and I’m sure she loves you too.” With that she dozed off.


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