My Love Will Go On

By Jedi-and


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Chapter 7: Yet another epilogue...  



“Catch Amber!” A cat with a Centurion’s plume threw a Frisbee at the SLB type,

“You got to be quicker than that to get me off guard Crowncat!” Amber shouted. She turned to a pink Medabot with purple tiger ears; “Your turn Taya!” she threw it and the Tiger Nurse type just caught it with ease, most of the kids where playing whist the adults and their Medafighters where on a picnic blanket.


“It was nice of you to invite me on this outing. It’s been a long while since I saw any of you.” Karin was sitting on the mat next to Ikky and Koji. It had been a few years since the last chapter. Karin was sent away to boarding school, Koji was taught at home.

 “It’s our pleasure.” Ikky smiled.

 “It is certainly good to see you again miss Karin.” Brass said. Metabee was hugging her as she held her stomach. She was expecting again, but she was wearing cloths like Peppercat, who was also going to have a child but hasn’t told Cyandog yet.

 “It’s good to be back Brass.” she smiled and ate a cupcake.

 “It certainly seems strange. You have grown so much since I last saw you properly.” Centurion said. His bodywork had been compliantly remade to it looked like he was brand new, though he kept his sickles rather than had his guns back. His Eyes where damaged so he only had the heat sensors to guide him, but now they where fix he could see clearly. He had a glistening white cape on as well, as did Rokusho. He sipped his tea and nodded. “Yes. You have grown so much.” He almost sounded sad, but they didn’t pry. She nodded,

 “And you look better than ever Centurion.” She smiled again “Uncle Aki always does a good job.” He nodded.

 “WATCH OUT!!” Amber called, as the Frisbee was head for Karin, she looked over and tried to duck.

 “Watch where you’re throwing that thing. You could hurt someone.” Yugi was stood there, the plastic disk in one hand, and a bouquet of roses in the other. He threw it back out and sat down, passing the flowers to Karin. He blushed intensely.

 “Dude, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you liked her... Metabee put a hand on his shoulder. He turned bright red again

 “Yeah, just don’t go spreading it around.” He said in a deadpan voice. He was in his work cloths, a white high collar top and black trousers, with a nametag saying ‘Medabot hospital’. He was clean-shaven and well groomed, though he still had the little puffball of hair on the left side.

 “You... like me?” Karin said. He just nodded and played with his fingers. “I don’t know what to say...”

 “A ‘Will you go out with me?’ would be nice...” he said, under his breath, not realising he said it. He snapped out of his trance and looked at her dead in the eyes, still blushing madly.  “Karin? W...would you like” he trailed off. Karin just smiled.

  “I’d love to.” She walked over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He turned bright red and fell over. Karin just laughed, “Come on silly.” He stood up and held his arm out like a gentleman. She took it. She looked back a Koji. “I’m sorry Koji. Can we still be friends?” he nodded with a sigh. She nodded as the pair walked off in to the distance. The rest started to go, only leaving Ikky, Erika, Brass and Metabee. Amber was staying the night at Crowncat’s.


“All’s well that ends well.” Ikky said, looking at the falling sun as the bottom half sunk behind the trees.

“True. It was a good day.” Brass commented. Erika tapped Ikky on the shoulder. He turned to her and noticed a slight blush in her cheeks.

“Ikky? We’ve known each other for a long time right?”

“Sure. All our lives. Why?” The blush on her cheeks became more vibrant as she talked.

“Well, we can tell each other what’s on our minds and stuff right?” he nodded. She was now a beaming red, looking down at the floor, playing with the dirt with her feet. She placed her hands behind her back. “Well I’ve been thinking for a while and I thought that... well that I... that I love you...” she continued to look down, brighter than ever. Ikky was a little shocked but he moved closer and moved her face up by taking her chin lightly. He kissed her on the lips and stayed there for a while. Erika didn’t fight back. She just let it happen. Brass and Metabee just watched the pair in shock.

“Go Miss Erika...” Brass said slowly.

“Ikky?” Metabee couldn’t believe his optics. He looked at her,

“I love you too.” They held each other. Their bots just clapped and cheered. In a near by tree, Rokusho was watching the entire thing.

“Very touching. When I get back. I think I’ll kiss Oceana and tell her how much I love her.” he jumped out the tree to go to his beloved because, love will go on.





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