Sex Education... Medabot Style!  

By Jedi-and 

Disclamer? Desclaimer? Deaklamer? 

Kaori: Disclaimer?  

Jedi-and: that’s the one!  

Kaori: I’m from Japan yet even I can spell better than he can. -_-U  

Jedi-and: I own nothing. Except my Medabots okay? So please don’t sue. I’m not making money from this so I can’t pay if you did sue me. 

Authors note: I have noticed that some of you people have gotten confused with the whole Medabots being Pregnant kind of thing... so here is a small fic explaining a few things. Enjoy and pay attention in class!! Lol 



“Bills, more bills...” One day, Ikky and friends where at the 24 Hopmart, opening the mornings mail. How it got redirected there no one knows but it happened. They came across a printed white envelope. 

“What is it Ikky?” Koji looked over his shoulder, as did Erika.  

“It’s for the Medabots...” The bots looked up. All the bots clambered around Metabee as he opened the letter.  

“Dear Medabots. Because of the resent discovery of Medabot Pregnancy, all the Medabots in the local area are asked to attend. Yes Metabee, this does include you...” Brass laughed as he continued to read. “Please come to the Medabot Clinic at 5:30pm. Thank you for your time and cooperation. Jedi-and.” He looked on the other side of the letter. There was a map. 

“So are you going to go?” Karin asked. The Femmes nodded, but the males didn’t. “Why not?”  

“Because we don’t need to know.” They folded their arms. One by one they where knocked out by their partners. 


“Ow! Where are we?” Metabee woke up and looked at the still KO’d Sumillidon and the standing Rokusho. 

“We are at the talk...” he said calmly, sporting a BIG bandage on his head. Soon someone walked up to the podium in front of all the Medabots. It was a young man, about 16. He had blonde hair, which was brushed back except a puffball of hair on the left side that reached his eyebrow and which shot up in to the air. He was wearing a white vicar like top with a black high collar shirt, buttoned right to the top. He was also wearing a pair of black trousers and new black trainers. He coughed and spoke up. 

“Thank you for turning up for a start but also tanks for your time. If you are here for ballet lesions just go down the corridor and it’s on the left.” The audience laughed a little. “Good, I like a sense of humor in an audience.” He looked at them “But seriously. We are all here for the Medabot Sex talk.” A lot of murmurs came from the Bots as they conversed amongst themselves. “Now calm down ladies and gents.” They hushed up. “Here is a description and general outline of it all. Any further questions will be at the end.” He turned to the side as two Medabots came out. 

“Okay, the first part...having a baby.” The two Medabots where Revolver and another. He was pure white and he floated. He looked a little like Totaliser but more like a doctor. His name was Pregno and Dark lady gave him to Jedi-and. “After both parties have been in love for at least half a year and have been faith full, the body will produce sparks that transfers Information from the male Medabot to the female Medabot.” The two took each other’s hands a kissed each other, mouth to mouth producing spark. This shocked the audience a little. “Don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t hurt at all. The info is not always received though.” Revolver stepped back and shook her head. Pregno just shrugged. Armature dramatics, don’t you love it? “Female Medabots can turn off the receiver if they so choose. This makes them feel a little pleasure and make them forget things like time and where they are. Only briefly though.” The pair walked off to back stage. 


“Wow... I never knew it was that simple...” Sumillidon looked at Neutranurse and whispered in her ear, sending her bright red.  


“Are we ready for the next bit? Month 1.” Revolver walked out again, with her hands behind her back. “The designs for your new baby are laid in to the program; no change is noticeable.” She patted her flat stomach, “Except for a feeling of computer nausea.” She put her hand on her mouth and ran off, coming back on after “and excessive eating for extra energy.” She looked left and right before scoffing down a large bit of cake. “There is also a Medabot 'pregnancy test' that determines if

The program is in use. If it is they are going to have a baby.” Pregno came out with a brown envelope. He handed it to her and went back off. She opened it then started to jump around for joy.  


“Man this acting is SO lame...” Metabee slouched down in his chair. Bass just nudged him,

“Well it was good of Mr. Jedi-and to do this for us. Others would have let us find out the hard way.” He nodded and paid more attention. 


“Alright, here is where things get different! Month 2.” Another Medabot came out. It was Angel. She had a blanket over her. “The outer shell of the Medabot increases in size a little to accommodate the equipment that is forming in the Medabots 'stomach'.” She threw the blanket off to show her stage 2 stomach plate. The plate had lowered to the front leg plates and both the stomach plates and the leg plates had moved out a bit, by about ¾ of an inch. They’re where a few gasp and awes but not much. “Remember, the equipment needs to be made other wise there will be no medal.” Angel tapped her stomach lightly. There was not very much sound, to prove her stomach wasn’t empty. “This is done through Nano-bots, microscopic robots, that will alter things at the molecular level so it enlarge or decrease the size of the Medabot.” She turned to show them a side view. 


“I’m just concerned weather or not you will be able to move Oceana...” Rokusho said, looking at the pregnant Medabot on stage. 

“Don’t worry about me Rokusho.” She held on to his arm as they continued to watch. 


“Sorry girls but its time for Month 3.” It was Harpy’s turn to come out, again doing the blanket thing. “The Medabots outer shell increases again, equivalent to 6 months pregnancy,” she threw off the blanket to show her large stomach. She was now 2 inches wider than she was. There where a few faints and things but nothing much. “This is where the medal is starting to be made. It first creates the gem in the medal.” She held up an enlarged ultra-sound scan to show the Medal’s gem. “However flight by Medabots is extremely hard at this stage.” She flapped her wings, getting about 3 centimeters off the floor, before falling back, out of breath.  


“Oh my...” Brass and the other girls said as Harpy walked off stage. 


“This is the stage you’re going to hate the most… Month 4” Foxfire came out. She was on loan from dark lady. She too was doing the blanket over body thing, though It was quiet hard to keep it a secret. Her tail was swinging in the air as she blushed ever so slightly. “The outer shell is increased yet again to the final stage, 9

Months pregnant,” she pulled off the cloak to reveal her stomach was now more than double the size they where originally. Almost all the Femme fainted. Jedi-and just stared at them with wide eyes. “ the Medabot is no longer able to run with any ease and has balance problems because of the extra weight.” She tried to run, but to no avail. She was out of breath in three steps and she almost fell over twice. “The extra room on the inside is taken up by a mould and 'metal smelter' to form the actual gold medal part it's self.” She held up an ultra-scan to show the parts. She stayed on stage, 


“If my memory is correct, then after the final month comes birth.” Brass looked worried at the stage.  

“I hope it will be painless...” Oceana stated. 


“You know I said you would hate the last stage the most? I lied…'Birth'.” Foxfire stayed on the stage. “The Medabot has a shock sent to the pain centre telling her that

The medal is ready to be removed.” Foxfire was standing normally; quickly she moved her hands to her stomach 


“This is like a count down before the Medabot or the new medal cease to function, time between each shock decreasing.” She continued to stand, putting her hand on her stomach quicker each time and closer to the one before. “The Meda-Mother's will be going through a lot of pain so lads, you need to back them up.” Reaver (Custom) came on stage. He took Firefox’s hand and led her off. “Remember, this is all done by Nano-bots.” 


All the lads where fine, but the eyes where as white as a sheet.  

“You...CAN’T be serious!” Neutranurse looked in shock “there is NO chance that you are getting me in to that hotel room tonight Sumillidon!” he looked down in shame, 

“I know...” he let out a sigh. 


“Alright, Naming and a new baby!” Revolver came out with a bundle in her arms, playing with it. “The Meda-baby or Toddlebot is named by the parents and the body is a smaller model of the Medabots depending on the gender. Parental parts WILL cross over though. Say if the father had a Centurion’s plume and the mother was a cat you would get a cat with a Centurion’s plume. Alternatively a new body, with no similarities, can be used but the Meda-baby will not understand everything. It is also not wise for a Meda-baby to go in to an adult body.” Revolver walked out. 


“AWW!!” Neutranurse called out “Sumillidon? You pick a hotel and I’ll bring the wine!” she clasped her hands together and danced a little in her seat. 

“I’m in there!” Sumillidon and Metabee did high five as Brass just sighed.  


“It happens to all parents, the Baby has to grow up sometime.” Revolver walked out with a bot with the same top half, but a floating bottom half. Luckily Reaver was nice enough to lend his medal for this part. “As the Meda-baby learns more, they become more intelligent and become larger in size, thanks to Nano-bots, they will go through 10 year old, Teenager and Adult. They will never reach old age. However they can shut down permanently if they so choose.” 


“I can’t wait till they grow up and leave home.” Metabee shouted out, soon being hit on the head by Brass. 


“Well that’s it for now. We are going to have a brake and I’ll explain more afterwards. If there are ANY questions, just ask and I’ll answer them.” He walked off the podium and down to get a drink. A few Medabot followed him. 



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